Automotive Lighting

Automotive Lighting

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has more than two decades of expertise in OEM and Tier1 solutions for the automotive industry. Available solutions include functional and ambient lighting for automobile interiors, optoelectronic sub-systems for head and taillights, and fiber optic components for in-car infotainment.

Automotive Datacom

The midsize and luxury class automobiles in today’s markets are high-technology communication hubs with included radios, CD players, TVs, DVD and video players, GPS, and Bluetooth® devices. In order to ensure undisturbed transmission and processing of all data, SCHOTT provides a reliable combination of flexible and rigid solutions that meet the requirements of the MOST® System (Media Oriented Systems Transport).

Interior and Exterior Lighting

SCHOTT has developed a variety of interior and exterior automotive lighting solutions that will turn driving into an experience. Light guides in interior designs are created from natural, flexible glass fibers in conjunction with modern LED light sources. They can easily be integrated into small spaces and can combine functional and ambient lighting into an overall solution.

Even with an important focus on the functional aspects, automotive headlights are now also considered an important design element. SCHOTT’s exterior lighting solutions offer unique technological features for high functionality, as well as a great deal of design freedom for maximum creativity.

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