Autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs For Medical And Dental Devices

Autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs For Medical And Dental Devices

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging offers an array of sterilizable LED modules for the fulfillment of lighting needs in harsh environment applications, including and especially devices used in the medical field that must undergo repeated sterilization processes. 

Solidur® LEDs can be designed to meet individual requirements with customized housings, caps, and lenses. These hermetically sealed modules are tested to withstand the harsh conditions of the autoclave for over 3500 cycles. This includes high temperatures (over 273 degrees Fahrenheit), pressures, moisture, chemicals, and mechanical impacts. Ideal applications are medical devices, dental tools, UV applications, and harsh laboratory environments, among others.

Product Advantages:

  • Robust LED lighting with exceptional versatility: LED lighting presents a brighter, long-lasting, and more efficient option when compared to traditional light sources. Solidur® LED modules can be integrated directly into the tip of medical and dental devices, bringing brilliant illumination directly to treatment sites in medical and dental applications.
  • New design possibilities: with a small profile and direct integration, devices that previously did not have a light source can now be equipped with a Solidur LED module. Examples include wound retractors, dental mirrors, and surgical hand tools.
  • Hermetic and autoclavable: SCHOTT Solidur LED modules are tested to withstand 3500 steam sterilization cycles at a temperature of 273°F and 2 bar ambient pressure
  • High performance and durability: SCHOTT uses inorganic and non-aging glass and metal materials for Solidur LED lighting modules. The hermetic seal created by bonding metal and glass helps prevent moisture from protruding into the housing and averts the danger of corrosion, contamination, and degradation of the internal electronics.

Key features and specifications include:

  • Autoclaving: Proven functionality for Oils
  • Steam sterilization (2 bar; 134 ºC)
  • Temperature stability: > 260 ºC
  • Gas-tight: 1 x 10–8 mbar x l/s
  • Electric insulation: >10GΩ
  • Chemical resistance: High
  • Thermal shock stability: -65 ºC to 150 ºC for 15 cycles
  • Refractive index of glass: 1.48 – 1.58
  • Temperature conductivity: 400 W · m–1 · K–1 (Copper)
  • Package dimensions: miniaturization down to 2 mm diameter possible

For additional information on the different types of Solidur® LEDs, please download the above datasheets.

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