AR and AF Automotive Display Coatings

Source: Iridian Spectral Technologies

AR and AF Automotive Display Coatings

Iridian Spectral Technologies has developed oleophobic and hydrophobic AF coatings for easy cleaning and smudge resistance, and AR coatings to suppress surface reflections for use in touch-screen technology in vehicle interiors.

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Both coating types are available on sizes as large as 20” on the diagonal. The AF coatings protect displays from water and environmental oils like food, fingerprints, and many consumer products. The AR coatings can reduce glass reflectance more than 70%.

Anti-Smudge/Anti-Reflection performance specifications:

  • Contact Angle: >100%
  • Pencil Hardness: 6H (as measured on AR)
  • Transmission: >99%
  • Reflection: <1%
  • Rub Test: >8000 rubs (steel wool)

For more information on Iridian Spectral Technologies’ AR and AF display coatings, download the datasheet.

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