AOTF Hyperspectral Imagers

AOTF Hyperspectral Imagers

Brimrose hyperspectral imagers utilize a NIR camera with an acousto-optic tunable filter as a monochromator to produce hyperspectral imaging of any target area, or to measure visible or NIR hyperspectral imaging information remotely on a variety of materials.

These hyperspectral imagers are ideal for biological, biomedical research, military, online process monitoring, waste materials sorting, laboratory, industrial, agricultural monitoring, environmental science, remote sensing, and other OEM applications. A miniature AOTF hyperspectral imaging spectrometer is also available for use in telescope or microscope applications.

Hyperspectral Imagers by Brimrose feature a wide operational temperature range, low power consumption, high spatial resolution, OEM integration, rapid wavelength selection, a C-mount interface, no hysteresis, and much more.

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