News | June 26, 2012

20th Anniversary Of LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH


20 years of LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH. For the 220 employees of the technology company based in Dortmund-Wickede, it is a big reason for celebrating this event. When the sect corks are popping at the anniversary on July 16, 2012 at LIMO, every employee will look back at the last 20 years in a total different way.

The youngest apprentices are now as old as the company itself. The company founder and CEO Dr Vitalij Lissotschenko has been here since the very beginning. A man of the first hour is the expert on micro-optics surface treatment in the manufacturing department and he has devoted a huge part of his life to LIMO over the last 20 years. He celebrates his personal anniversary together with the company anniversary. He has been passing his technical know-how down to his colleagues for some time already. The manufacturing of micro-optics, beam shaping systems and diode lasers from LIMO is highly specialised expert knowledge and technology.

At LIMO the competence of workers from 24 different nations is focused and has a huge impact on processes and the way business is done. Involved into these processes are also numerous engineers from the specialized technology areas of optics and photonics.

Dr Lissotschenko founded the company in 1992 in Paderborn. Three years later the company relocated to the well-known technology and science habitat of Dortmund. After the next three years LIMO became the world leading company in innovative diode laser optics. Nowadays LIMO is a highly advanced beam shaping expert for multiple applications and industrial sectors.

Evidence for the success story of LIMO are the vast number of more than 300 patents. They represent the continuous product development which has always responded to the market and customer demands.

The manufacturers of flat screens or smartphones are using all kind of components and technology which are made with the help of the micro-optics from LIMO. Also many cars and medical devices include components manufactured by LIMO laser technology. The Production of solar cells with an optimum energy yield is exemplary for the wide range of industrial applications of innovative laser beam shaping originated at the LIMO Research & Development.

"I am always extremely excited when we use our ideas to discover and to benefit new applications for the industry”, says Dr Lissotschenko, founder, who is a metal processing expert himself. Customized beam shaping optics and systems represent the biggest share of research and development work at LIMO. A recent achievement is a pilot system for large-area refinement of coatings and cutting solutions for thick sheets metal. "A lot of potential rests in our optics and beam shaping systems. Micro-optics and laser material processing will therefore remain the core business for our company also in the future", says Dr Lissotschenko.

SOURCE: LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH