News | December 15, 2009

Andor Appoints Technical Instruments As New Distributor On The US West Coast

Source: Andor Technology PLC

South Windsor, MA - Andor Technology plc (Andor), a world leader in scientific imaging, spectroscopy solutions and microscopy systems, recently announced the appointment of Burlingame, Ca.-based Technical Instruments Inc. (TI) as their new distributor on the West Coast of the USA. The two companies combine complementary strengths, forming an exclusive distributor alliance designed to deliver advanced scientific imaging solutions to the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Andor has been providing advanced scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions for over twenty years and is paving the way as the pioneers and key innovators of Electron Multiplying CCD and next generation sCMOS (Scientific CMOS) detectors. Andor EMCCD cameras are already playing a critical role in advanced optical microscopy techniques such as single molecule membrane TIRF, confocal spinning disk, PALM and STORM, enabling researchers to directly observe molecular interactions within living cells.

Technical Instruments was founded in the early 1950s and is now the leading supplier of advanced microscopy and digital imaging solutions to academia, biotech and industrial companies in the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Brian Lundy, Vice President at Technical Instruments, said: "This alliance will bring together a network of scientists in academia, biotech and industry built over 50 years by TI and the advanced R&D efforts in EMCCD and sCMOS detectors by Andor Technology."

Chris Calling, President of Andor USA, said: "We are extremely happy to move forward with TI to bring our combined strengths to this scientifically important geographical region. This initiative will flourish further as we begin to offer our latest sCMOS innovation, which is highly anticipated by the microscopy community." He concluded: "We have every confidence that we will become increasingly active in providing cutting-edge microscopy solutions through our partnership with TI."

SOURCE: Andor Technology PLC