Affordable Camera Link®Thermal Imaging: Viento 640

Source: Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Affordable Thermal Imaging: Viento 640

Sierra-Olympic’s Viento 640 thermal camera from DRS Technologies offers 640 x 480 pixel resolution with a 17 µm pixel pitch. Like the 320 model, this imager has an 8-14µm response range, utilizes an uncooled VOx microbolometer, and is well-suited for applications that involve process monitoring, traffic signal management, medical imaging, critical infrastructure analysis, military imaging, and perimeter security.

Specifications include:

  • NEdT @f/1.0: <50 mK
  • Frame rate: 60 or 9
  • Analog video: NTSC, PAL
  • Digital Video: 14-bit/8-bit Camera Link®
  • Digital zoom/pan: ROI, E-zoom 1x-4x
  • NUC: 1 pt. with mechanical shutter
  • Image enhancement: High setting, low setting

For more information on the Viento 640 thermal imaging camera, download the datasheet. You can also contact Sierra-Olympic directly here to request a quote or discuss your application.