ACULED® Design-Your-Own (DYO) and Standard (VHL) LED Solutions

Source: Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies’ standard ACULED® VHL products provides superior color mixing, very high luminous output, four separately addressable LED chips and adjustable color output based on Chip-on-Board (COB) technology. Complimenting Excelitas’ standard ACULED® VHL product line, ACULED® DYO gives you the flexibility to "Design-Your-Own" four-chip LED configuration to suit your specific needs and provides a full range of standard and custom LED solutions for medical, aerospace, machine vision, analytical and transportation applications.

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This Custom Design Guide demonstrates how you can “Design-Your-Own” ACULED DYO from a list of standard chips provided by Excelitas.

Excelitas’ ACULED DYO gives customers the flexibility to “Design-Your-Own” four-chip LED configuration from any die available in the market. Wavelengths are available from UV-visible-IR plus a full range of white color temperatures and CRI’s. ACULED offers greater packing density for higher output and superior color mixing. Standard and custom optics, heat sinks and electronics are available as well.

The custom design capability of the ACULED DYO complements Excelitas’ standard ACULED VHL (very high lumen) line and provides customers with a full range of standard and custom LED solutions based on the enhanced ACULED platform.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Superior Color Mixing
  • Based on multi Chip-on-Board (COB) technology
  • 4 separate addressable chips
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Best-in-class heat sinking
  • Superior “Through-Looking” (TL) mounting
  • Ultra-compact footprint
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Outstanding brightness and luminous efficacy
  • Designed for high current applications
  • Fully RoHS-compliant

Typical applications for the ACULED® LED Solutions Family include:

  • Illumination
  • Medical lighting
  • Aircraft lighting
  • Analytical lighting
  • Signaling
  • Sensor Applications
  • Architectural, Task and Specialty Lighting
  • Machine Vision
  • Safety Lighting - Transportation, Signaling, Aerospace and More

Excelitas takes pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment. Check out our custom LED solutions and full suite of ACULED® brochures, design guides and application notes.