News | April 20, 2015

Acal BFi Launches New Range Of Ultra-High Performance Femtosecond Laser Mirrors

Wokingham UK /PRNewswire/ - Acal BFi, the European leader in advanced technology solutions, have launched a new range of ultra-high performance femtosecond laser mirrors to the market.

Providing an unrivalled combination of ultra-broad spectral bandwidth (> 200nm), superior reflectivity (> 99.5% on 120nm, and > 99% on the entire 200nm), high damage threshold from femtosecond to nanosecond regime and low GDD (< 20fs² on 120nm, and < 60 fs² on the entire 200nm), Acal BFi's high performance laser mirrors are specially designed to meet the needs of users and designers of ultra-short femtosecond lasers.

Jean-Claude Sanudo, Photonics Business Unit Director of Acal BFi comments:

"The launch of the MLD and MMLD range of femtosecond laser mirrors to the market marks the successful start of Acal BFi's own-brand range of optics.  It is testament to our team's hard-work that this range is of such high quality and has positioned us at the leading-edge of the photonics market".

The MLD and MMLD range benefits from a unique coating technology, developed for the most challenging ultrafast laser developments, and tested and qualified by well known research institutes. The mirrors can be used in both S polarization and also in P polarization, allowing innovative system configuration and therefore simplifying the design chain.

While the most common optics, which are flat mirrors of one and two inches, are available from stock, Acal BFi's components are also available in sizes up to 40 inches and/or with non-flat surfaces, including 90° off-axis parabola which is ideal for compressors. Coatings are available for both the Ti:Sa users and 1030 nm laser users, while other central wavelengths can be designed on request.

Acal BFi welcomes a side by side comparison with any other mirror on the market. For further information contact Acal BFi or visit

Acal BFi 

Acal BFi is a European leader in advanced technology solutions, providing marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing and custom services and the only such provider with an infrastructure to deliver a broad complementary range of specialist products and bespoke solutions across Europe.

Serving all industrial sectors and operating with focused strategic business units covering all electronic and photonics technologies.

Acal BFi is part of the Acal plc group - the Acal plc group has completed seven acquisitions in the last four years. Acal's long term strategy is to gain significant additional market share through both organic growth and acquisition and to further enhance its value adding capabilities.

Acal has operating companies across Europe including the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Italy, Poland,Spain and the Nordic region. Additionally, Acal has operating companies in India, USA, Asia (China and South Korea) and Africa (South Africa). 


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