News | November 10, 2021

Abrisa Technologies Publishes "Laser Marked Display Graphics On-Demand"


Santa Paula, CA – Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of the company’s New Technical Data Sheet – “Laser Marked Display Graphics On-Demand.” The document highlights the two new laser engraving processes to their value-added, ready-to-install glass fabrication service capabilities.

The company now provides in-house:

  • CO2 laser engraving “marking” of select coated and uncoated glass
  • Laser etched graphics, icons, and unique identifiers (QR codes and barcodes)

According to Susan Hirst, Product Development Manager, “These two methods of laser engraving and etching add to the company’s Total Solution approach of single-point accountability for fabricated specialty glass components.”

The data sheet details, Graphical Options (fonts, font size, ablation depth), Substrate Options (materials, surface shapes, surface marking, edge finish, minimum and maximum part size, minimum and maximum part thickness), and Marking Location (edge horizontal/vertical, face horizontal/vertical).

Ms. Hirst further states, “Laser marked graphics can be produced on-demand using common blanks, supporting display manufacturing with high mix, use pre-existing template files for on-demand graphics, accommodate unique identifiers and lot tracking, and provide a means of access to user manuals, videos, and website warranty registration.”

The data sheet provides a host of images depicting the distinct types of engraving/etching available such as text, part numbers, barcodes, QR codes, branding, symbols, and more.

To view the new datasheet, click here.