92 KHz InGaAs Linescan Camera: 1024-LDH2


Sensors Unlimited’s 1024-LDH2 is a high-speed 1024-pixel, line scan, InGaAs camera that increases the A-line rate to 91,911 lines per second to enable spectral domain OCT to capture detailed 3-D volumes of the retina, nerve head, and choroid layer in the blink of an eye. For 1.31 μm SD-OCT, diode array-based OCT systems offer superior phase stability for doppler or polarization-sensitive OCT.

The LDH2 provides 12-bit digital capture into base-format Camera Link® interface cards, while providing maximum dynamic range up over 2300:1 for high line rates. Two pixel apertures are available – 500 μm tall pixels for easy alignment in SD-OCT systems, or 25-μm square pixels for ultra-fast machine vision or dual-camera PS-OCT.

For more in-depth features and specifications on the 1024-LDH2, download the available datasheet.

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