News | February 19, 2016

4D Technology FlexCam Wins 2016 Prism Award

4D Technology FlexCam Wins 2016 Prism Award

Tucson, AZ – 4D Technology Corporation, manufacturer of optical measurement systems, is pleased to announce that its FlexCam Metrology Module was awarded a 2016 Prism Award for best new metrology instrumentation.

The FlexCam provides high resolution 3D metrology in a highly compact package. For metrology of large optics, FlexCam can be used as an affordable, stand-alone solution for in situ measurement of surface roughness or defects. For flexible electronics, FlexCam enables real-time monitoring of roughness, as well as identifying defects and quantifying their area, volume, depth and slope in real time, at up to 1 meter/minute roll-to-roll processing speeds.

The annual Prism Awards recognize innovative scientific products, processes, software, devices, materials, systems, instruments, and technologies that are newly available on the open market. The nine winners were announced at the February 17 ceremony, which was held concurrently with the SPIE Photonics West 2016 conference and exhibition.

4D Technology would like to express congratulations to all of the 2016 Prism Award winners and finalists.

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Source: Technology Corporation