2 W Xenon Flash Lamp Modules (L12336 Series)

Source: Hamamatsu Corporation

These new xenon flash lamp modules integrate a 2 W xenon flash lamp, power supply, and trigger socket into a compact cube package, the smallest in its class. Other features include high stability, long lifetime, and broad emission range from UV to NIR. The L12336 series lamp modules are suitable for integration into portable instruments used in spectroscopy, blood analysis, and environmental monitoring.

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  • Compact cube package (smallest size in its class)
  • Repetition rate: 1250 Hz max.
  • High stability: 0.5% CV typ.
  • Long lifetime: 1 x 109 flashes
  • Broad radiant spectrum: UV to NIR (185-2000 nm)

For portable instruments and equipment:

  • Spectrometers
  • Blood analyzers
  • Microtiter plate (MTP) readers
  • Water quality and pollution analyzers
  • Air pollution analyzers
  • Semiconductor inspection equipment

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