250 MP Resolution CMOS Sensor: 2U250MRXSAA


Canon’s 2U250MRXSAA CMOS sensor offers 250 MP resolution capable of capturing detail 125 times greater than in full HD resolution at a fast frame rate of 5 FPS. This APS-H format sensor leverages a square pixel arrangement of 1.5 µm x 1.5 µm pixels with progressive reading of 1.5 µm pixels across 16 digital output channels to handle the enormous amount of image data created by roughly 250 million effective pixels.

The Canon 2U250MRXSAA CMOS sensor minimizes noise without sacrificing speed by sharing floating diffusion capacitance between multiple pixels. This results in shrunken readout circuitry and larger photodiode sizes. Ideal applications include inspection, aeronautics, general manufacturing, scientific research, transportation, 3D metrology, machine vision, and many more.

For additional features, technical specifications, and operating parameters, download the brochure.

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