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09.27.23 -- 24 Ways Biophotonics Improves Medical Imaging And Robotic Surgery


24 Ways Biophotonics Improves Medical Imaging And Robotic Surgery

Biophotonics, when applied to medical imaging or robotic surgery, significantly advances healthcare by offering a multifaceted approach to diagnosis, treatment, and surgery while improving patient care and outcomes.


Medical Lasers: When The Laser Application Requires Utmost Safety

The development of laser technology has revolutionized many areas of our lives in the past decades. If you want to ensure optimal results, you have to know — and measure — critical laser parameters.

Enhancing Endoscopy With Optical Filters

This white paper discusses three alternative methods that utilize optical filters to supplement white-light reflectance imaging, which is the standard for in vivo diagnosis with conventional endoscopy.

Understanding Virus Mechanisms — One Particle At A Time

Single-molecule microscopy techniques facilitate direct study of molecular mechanisms, enabling leaps in understanding surrounding how viruses assemble, disassemble, and interact with their hosts.


Large Polished Optics With Precision Surface Quality Up To 30" Diameter

PG&O's new sapphire optics offer exceptional durability and superior transmittance across a wide range of spectral wavelengths, making them ideal for mission-critical applications in various industries.

Precision IR Narrow And Dual Bandpass Filters

Precision infrared bandpass and dual bandpass filter technology bring new levels of performance with higher transmissions, steeper slopes, and flatter pass bands than traditional evaporated coatings.

Abrisa Technologies Offers Bus Bars In Use With Transparent Conductive Coatings For ITO Heaters, EMI Shielding, & Other E-Conductive Systems

Abrisa Technologies offers bus bars that provide the pathways for electrical connectivity or grounding points to transparent conductive coatings and are themselves made of conductive material.


Zygo Improves Purchasing And Customer Service With The Launch Of The eCommerce Store

Opto Diode’s IR Detectors And IR Emitters Available On DigiKey

New Precision Motion And Piezo Solutions For Life Sciences And Bio-Imaging Applications

Quantum Computing Inc. Selects Site For Its Quantum Photonic Chip Foundry

Vodafone And Partners Shine Light On New Silicon Photonic Chips

Laser Photonics’ MarkStar Streamlines Inventory Management In The Automotive Industry

DCU Successfully Tests Laser Component Of Next Gen Atomic Clock For Space Navigation

New Method Makes Microcombs Ten Times More Efficient

Laboratory Cell Demonstrates Potential Of Perovskite-Based Triple-Junction Solar Cells

Efficient Next-Generation Solar Panels On The Horizon Following Breakthrough

Coherent Introduces 1200 mW Pump Laser Module For Optical Amplification

Power Program Selects Teams To Design Power Beaming Relays


Closed-Loop Fast Focusing Nanopositioning Drives: Voice-Coil Or Piezo?

Voice coil drives with mechanical bearings and piezo flexure mechanisms offer breakthroughs in travel range, reliability, flexibility, precision, and speed.

What Is SWIR?

Sensors Unlimited, a world leader in the research and development of InGaAs technology, explains the electromagnetic spectrum with a deep dive into the infrared waveband.


X-Ray & High Energy Imaging Options

Raptor Photonics, a leader in digital camera solutions, offers hard X-ray, XUV, soft X-ray, and EUV imaging options. Applications include microscopy, spectroscopy, plasma imaging and diagnostics, tomography, and more.


Optical Channel Performance Monitors

BaySpec’s optical channel performance monitor is an embedded, integrated spectral monitor delivering precise measurements and powerful processing capabilities for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) applications.

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BaySpec Inc.

Miniature Optical Encoders For Positioning Devices

The SR series of miniature optical encoders has been designed to fit into motion control devices with limited space, such as robotic arms for surgery, nanopositioning stages, microscopes, and other medical devices.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

High-Power GaAlAs IRLED Illuminator: OD-663-850

The OD-663-850 is a gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) near-infrared (IR) LED illuminator with ultra-high-power output. Specially designed for use in surveillance and night vision applications, the device has a very uniform optical beam with a peak emission wavelength of 850 nm.

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company

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