19 μm FHD CMOS Sensor: 35MMFHDXSCA

Source: Canon USA Future Product and Solutions

19 μm FHD CMOS Sensor: 35MMFHDXSCA

The 35MMFHDXSCA 19 μm FHD CMOS Sensor features high-sensitivity, and low-noise imaging performance for the capture of full HD video in exceptionally low light environments. The larger pixel size of 19 μm x 19 μm alongside proprietary device design technologies helps to achieve higher sensitivity and an increased well depth. This 35 mm CMOS sensor provides the largest 16:9 imaging area possible when used with Canon EF lenses.

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The 35MMFHDXSCA features a full readout resolution of 2160 x 1280, which enables its use in applications requiring large image capture areas, such as astronomy. Its readout start position can be specified to allow flexibility in both frame rate and resolution depending on the application and required performance. It has also been incorporated with Canon’s technology to reduce dark current during long exposure times for cleaner images.

For additional information on the 35MMFHDXSCA CMOS sensor, download the brochure.

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