14bit UV CCD Camera System: pco.ultraviolet

Source: PCO-TECH Inc.
14bit UV CCD Camera System: pco.ultraviolet

The pco.ultraviolet is a 14-bit CCD camera ideal for UV detection, material testing, wafer inspection, mask inspection, spectroscopy, machine vision, high-resolution microscopy, scientific imaging, low-light level imaging, combustion imaging, and industrial OEM applications.

The CCD camera features 8 electron read-out noise, 1.3 MP resolution, quantum efficiency of 21% @ 193m, and an ultra-compact design. Additional specifications include:

  • Image sensor type: ICX407BLA
  • Pixel size: 4.65 µm x 4.65 µm
  • Sensor format/diagonal: ½”/8mm
  • Shutter mode: global (snapshot)
  • Spectral range: 190nm-1100nm
  • Dark current: 1e-/pixel/s @23oC
  • Power consumption: < 3W
  • Weight: 0.35 kg

For additional information on specifications and ideal areas of application, download the datasheet. You can also contact pco-tech directly for more information or to discuss your potential imaging application.