12K/16K Line Scan Lenses: SAPPHIRE Series


The SAPPHIRE series of high-resolution, high-speed lenses are designed for 12 or 16k pixel line scan sensors, with several models optimized for a certain magnification range. These lenses feature pixel size of 3.5 µm or 5µm, respectively, and are compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures.

These highspeed lenses are optimized for 16k with 3.5 µm (57.3 mm) and 12k / 5µm (62.5 mm) line scan sensors but also can be used in many applications with area sensors up to 67mm diagonal. SAPPHIRE lenses provide high performance in a compact and robust package. The V70-Mount interface makes it easy to install numerous mounts and allows the rotation of the lens into the best azimuth.