Applied Scientific Instrumentation

John Zemek
29391 West Enid Rd
Eugene, OR 97402  US

Company Overview

ASI’s areas of expertise are with sub-micron motion control, electronics, firmware, optics, and illumination. We manufacture hardware for laboratory & microscope automation, as well as, OEM system components. ASI’s standard product line includes extremely precise closed-loop DC servo motor X Y stages & Z drives, PZ-2000 piezo stages for ultra-precise & fast Z-axis focusing, ultra precise & stable XY stages for super resolution microscopy, custom stages for OEM applications, stepper motor stages, LED based (CRISP) feedback systems for maintaining submicron level focusing,  FTP-2000 series focusing platforms for fixed stage microscopes, light sheet  & single plane illumination microscopy (SPIM), TIRF injection systems, complete video microscope systems including the RAMM open frame platform, high-speed filter wheels,  microinjectors & micromanipulators, and a wide range of other devices including custom system solutions & complete imaging and photometric systems.