PD-LD, Inc.

Customer Service
30-B Pennington-Hopewell Rd.
Princeton, NJ 08534  US
(609) 564-7900

Company Overview

PD-LD is a manufacturer of customized laser products, headquartered in Pennington, New Jersey, USA. Since 1993, PD-LD, Inc. has been leveraging top-notch technical and manufacturing capabilities to create active and passive laser products that are high-quality, cost-effective, tailored to customers’ needs, and delivered in a timely fashion.


    • Laser Systems
      • Diode Lasers
        • Diode Lasers, InGaAs (800-1100 nm)
    • Fiberoptic and Optoelectronic Components
      • Attenuators
        • Attenuators, Fiberoptic
      • Connectors
    • Services
      • Optical Design Services
    • Detectors, Imaging Equipment, and Displays
      • Detectors
        • Detectors, Photodiode
    • Non-Laser Radiation Sources
      • LEDs
        • LEDs, GaAs/GaAIAs (0.8-0.9 um)