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Single Photon Counting Module: COUNT® NIR Series

Single Photon Counting Module: COUNT® NIR Series

Single photon counters are used when a conventional detector cannot distinguish between signal and noise. This particular series provides single photon detection from 400 nm to 1000 nm and is particularly ideal for quantum cryptography, LIDAR, and fluorescence analysis applications.

Custom Sensor Solutions

First Sensor is the leading provider of unique sensor solutions with the highest levels of precision and reliability. We develop and manufacture tailor-made sensor solutions for optical and radiation detection, pressure, flow, and liquid level measurements, as well as special sensing applications on a global scale for a variety of applications and industries.

RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C

RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C

This photodiode has several distinctive features, though its most notable feature is its radiation-hardened, junction-passivating, oxynitride protective entrance window. This gives the UVG20C a distinct advantage over traditional silicon photodiodes where space and satellite applications are concerned.

Germanium Photodiodes/Avalanche Photodiodes

Germanium Photodiodes/Avalanche Photodiodes

PD-LD offers germanium photodiodes and germanium avalanche photodiodes that operate in 850 to 1600 nm and 800 to 2100 nm responsivity ranges. They’ve been designed for operation with low reverse bias and in high-bandwidth applications.

Avalanche Photodiodes with Enhanced NIR Sensitivity – First Sensor´s Series 9

Avalanche Photodiodes with Enhanced NIR Sensitivity – First Sensor´s Series 9

These avalanche photodiodes are optimized for 760-910 nm with QE>80%. Selected chips are also available with a bandpass (BP) filter. The series provides fundamental technology for the development of arrays with multiple individual sensors, ex. 8, 16, or 32 pixels. Optimized for 900 nm, these 8 and 16 Element Avalanche Photodiode Arrays from First Sensor have good uniformity, high-speed, low noise and a low slope multiplication curve.

Position Sensitive Diodes (PSDs)

Position Sensitive Diodes (PSDs)

The lateral effect Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) is an optoelectronic device based on Silicon PIN diode technology. The PSD converts the energy from an incident light spot into a continuous, position relative, electrical output current. This position signal is relative to the total incident light pattern and indicates the “optical center” of the incident light.

Wavelength-Sensitive Photodiodes- WS Series

Wavelength-Sensitive Photodiodes- WS Series

Wavelength-sensitive photodiodes utilize the effect of the wavelength-specific absorption depth of radiation in silicon. First Sensor´s wavelength sensitive photodiode is a unique photo detector with two vertically stacked p-n junctions in the single silicon crystal. One junction is enhanced for blue sensitivity and the other is enhanced for red sensitivity. Such a configuration is particularly useful for the wavelength detection of monochromatic input signals.

PIN Photodiodes

PIN Photodiodes

First Sensor has a large selection of high sensitivity, high speed and low dark current photodetectors optimized for ultraviolet, visible and infrared light as well as ionizing radiation. Package solutions include surface mount (SMD), through hole (THD) and metal can type (TO) devices.

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    IRCameras is a subsidiary of Santa Barbara Infrared, a long-time leader in the design and manufacture of electro-optical (E-O) test instrumentation. SBIR, in turn, is part of HEICO Corporation, a technology-based aerospace company that’s been engaged in niche market segments within the aerospace, aviation and electronics industries for more than 40 years. Together we are uniquely positioned to advance development of thermal imaging technologies, and to commercialize these technologies for a wide range of applications including:

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    We offer a range of purchase, rental and lease options, and a full line of accessories including software, data acquisition systems and optics. Our goal is to make your infrared imaging program a complete success. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your requirements, and to explore how we might be able to assist in creating and supporting the optimal program to meet your particular infrared imaging requirements.

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    PIXELTEQ provides OEM spectral sensing and imaging products, patterned optical filters and custom electro-optical devices for a variety of aerospace, biomedical, industrial, scientific and security applications.  At the heart of each multispectral device is an array of pixel-level spectral filters purpose-built for applications.

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A light sensor is a device senses or detects light. Various available kinds of light sensors and detectors function in different ways to give required results.
Active pixel sensors which are image sensors comprises of an integrated circuit with a number of pixel sensors. Each individual pixel has a light sensor as well as an active amplifier.
Charge-coupled devices (CCD)
These are applied in recording of images in astronomy, digital cinematography and digital photography.
Chemical detectors
A silver halide molecule is split into an atom of metallic silver and a halogen atom; the photographic developer causes adjacent molecules to split similarly. An example is a photographic plate.
Cryogenic detectors
They are sensitive enough to measure and determine the energy of single x-ray, visible and infrared photons.
Optical detectors
They are normally quantum devices where individual photons produces a discrete effect when exposed to light. This makes Optical detectors to behave like thermometers by responding solely to the heating effect of the incoming radiation.
Photo resistors or Light Dependent Resistors (LDR)
They change resistance according to light intensity. The light then can be measured or determined by measuring the resistance.
Photovoltaic cells or solar cells
When Illuminated they produce a voltage and supply an electric current. Which means the level of illumination is directly dependent on the amount of light being supplied.
Photomultiplier tubes
They contain a photocathode that emits electrons when illuminated. A chain of diodes then can be used to amplify the electrons.
Photo tubes
These contain a photo cathode which when illuminated emit electrons making the tube to conduct an electric current that is proportional to the light intensity.
Proximity Sensors
Has two photodiode arrays which convert light into current; one photodiode array responds to ambient light and the other responds only to infrared light; when joined with an infrared LED, this second LED array can operate as a proximity sensor.
Ambient Light Sensing Application
Ambient light sensors are incorporated in various laptops as well as cell phones to detect the lighting in the surrounding environment and appropriately adjust the backlight of the screen.