Semi-Transparent Mirrors For Visually Dynamic Hospitality Displays
Semi-Transparent Mirrors For Visually Dynamic Hospitality Displays Hotel, restaurant, and retail owners are latching on the emerging trend of using aesthetically pleasing high performance Semi-Transparent Mirrors to create a visually dynamic display/mirror combination. These mirrors are constructed with a display unit hidden behind the glass that is not visible until powered on. When the display is powered up, a clear, sharp and color neutral image appears. This application note discusses Abrisa...  Continue Reading...
Specifying Wavefront Or Surface Error In Aspheres The optical quality of aspheric mirrors is commonly specified by their surface accuracy and reflected wavefront error. The surface error is the deviation of the surface from its perfect form, while the wavefront error is the deviation of the resulting reflected or transmitted wavefront from its perfect shape. It is often assumed that these tolerances are related to each other by a simple scale factor. However, that is not the case when it comes...  Continue Reading...
Metallic Mirror Coatings
Metallic Mirror Coatings Edmund Optics offers a large variety of precision parabolic, spherical, and flat mirrors with an array of metallic and dielectric coatings to suit all application requirements in different regions of the spectrum. Standard metallic mirror coatings include protected aluminum, enhanced aluminum, UV enhanced aluminum, DUV enhanced aluminum, bare gold, protected gold, and protected silver. This application note introduces their first and second ...  Continue Reading...
First Surface Mirrors
First Surface Mirrors Conventional mirrors are constructed with a glass protective surface and a “silvering” second surface. In high precision applications, these second surface mirrors have distinct disadvantages such as refracted or bent images, loss of energy, a dim and distorted reflection, as well as a faint secondary reflection known as a “ghost image.” Abrisa offers front or first surface mirrors as a solution that provides clear...  Continue Reading...
BOROFLOAT® & Optical Mirrors: A Union of Inspiration & Quality
BOROFLOAT® & Optical Mirrors: A Union of Inspiration & Quality BOROFLOAT®, the world’s first borosilicate glass by SCHOTT, is designed to meet demanding performance requirements for optical mirrors, and is now being used for advanced optics all over the globe. This white paper introduces BOROFLOAT®, explains how it is used in the Hobby Eberly Telescope (HET), and describes its exceptional optical and thermal properties.  Continue Reading...
Care and Use of UV Laser Mirrors
Care and Use of UV Laser Mirrors This application note provides a guideline for the caring for and cleaning of UV laser mirrors.  Continue Reading...
Case Study: Specialized Thin Film Optical Mirrors Enable VIRUS Spectrograph System In Dark Energy Experiment
Case Study: Specialized Thin Film Optical Mirrors Enable VIRUS Spectrograph System In Dark Energy Experiment PG&O designed and delivered specialized optical mirrors to Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin for use in building the first-of-its-kind VIRUS (Visible Integral-field Replicable Unit Spectrograph) instrument, a key part of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment, or HETDEX. The $36M international research project will study the force that causes the expansion of the universe to speed up, rather than...  Continue Reading...
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Laser Line Mirrors Laser Line Mirrors

Optics Balzers has successfully developed and tested a special dielectric layer system with PARMS coating technology, making it possible to manufacture 45°-HR mirrors for 1030nm applications with an established destruction threshold of 0.44J/cm² at 210fs. These mirrors are typically used in ultra-short pulsed systems of Yb:YAG solid-state lasers.

High Rigidity MHL Mirror Holders High Rigidity MHL Mirror Holders

OptoSigma’s MHL high rigidity mirror holder is kinematic with a featured blade spring. The holder’s high rigidity makes the device capable of suppressing the positional shift from shocks or vibrations.

MHK C-Shape Stainless Steel Mirror Holders MHK C-Shape Stainless Steel Mirror Holders

OptoSigma provides MHK C-shaped stainless steel mirror holders designed for 12.7 mm dichroic mirrors and beamsplitters. The holders feature high-resolution adjustment, and a knob-less design that is suitable for system integration.

MicroMirror TIRF System MicroMirror TIRF System

Mad City Labs offers the MicroMirror TIRF system as a new single molecule imaging instrument composed with high precision, high stability nanopositioning and microscopy technologies. Using the technique of micro-mirror total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, this system is designed for studying the ordered assembly and function of multi-component biomolecular machines.

Glass Machining Glass Machining

Abrisa Technologies offers a broad spectrum of glass machining services that can fit nearly every application-specific customer requirement. With CNC processing and other glass fabrication equipment, this company can manufacture a wide variety of glass parts ranging from simple to the most complex designs. Some of the offered processes performed in-house include notching, slotting, grooving, edge grinding, stepped surfaces, hole drilling, circle grinding, polishing, and sandblasting.

Custom Manufactured Mirrors Custom Manufactured Mirrors

LaCroix Optical Company produces mirror substrates in a wide variety of shapes and sizes using optical or filter glass, fused silica or other glass-like materials. All of our mirrors are produced and coated at our facility in Batesville, Arkansas.


Precision Mirrors Precision Mirrors

OPCO’s precision mirrors are manufactured through CNC fabrication, a high performance coatings process, and precise metrology in order to ensure repeatable accuracy and on-time delivery.

Miniature Piezo Tip/Tilt-Mirror: S-334 Miniature Piezo Tip/Tilt-Mirror: S-334

This fast steering tip/tilt mirror features a miniature design, up to 100 mrad deflection, millisecond response, resolution to 0.2 µrad, closed-loop position servo-control for high accuracy, a frictionless and high-precision flexure guiding system, parallel kinematics for enhanced dynamics and better multi-axis accuracy, and much more. 

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  • BOROFLOAT® & Optical Mirrors Video
    BOROFLOAT® & Optical Mirrors Video

    BOROFLOAT®, the world’s first borosilicate glass by SCHOTT, has become one of the most influential specialty glass materials with its thermal stability, superior surface quality, and remarkably high transmission for utilization in research applications such as its implementation in the Hobby Eberly Telescope.

  • Refractive Eye Surgery Using Fast Piezo Steering Mirrors
    Refractive Eye Surgery Using Fast Piezo Steering Mirrors

    This video demonstrates the use of the Piezo Drive in refractive eye surgery. These Piezo-based tilting mirrors direct the laser beam faster and more precisely than conventional scanners.

  • New Guaranteed High Reflectivity Dielectric Super Mirrors And More
    New Guaranteed High Reflectivity Dielectric Super Mirrors And More

    OptoSigma had their usual strong presence at the Photonics West exhibition in 2014. This year, Dan Denison took the time out to give us an overview of some of the products they had on display- most notably, their new line of super mirrors for applications involving ultra-high finesse optical cavities. 

  • MEMS Mirrors, CMOS Cameras, Flow Cells, And More

    Shruti Sharma, inside sales manager with Hamamatsu, walks us through several of their product offerings displayed at Photonics West 2013.

  • Live From SPIE DSS 2012: Unique Disruptive Approach To Manufacturing Thin, High-Precision Free-Form Mirrors Explained

    Giuseppe Borghi, VP of marketing and sales at Media Lario Technologies (MLT), discusses MLT's disruptive manufacturing technology, high-precision replication by electroforming. This technology allows them to produce with cost and cycle time savings greater than 50%  high-precision very thin mirrors with complex surfaces like non-rotationally symmetric and free-form. These complex mirrors can be integrated into single aperture multispectral (VIS to LWIR) sensor systems delivering top performance, compactness, and low mass solutions for defense surveillance and security airborne, UAV, and earth observation applications.

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