1. Compact Objective Assemblies Datasheet

    These compact objective assemblies are well-suited for biomedical and machine vision applications involving microscopy, flow cytometry, pharmaceutical inspection, assembly lines, and/or fault inspection.

  2. Compact Objective Assemblies

    Edmund Optics’ line of compact objective assemblies have been optimized for long working distances in biomedical and machine vision applications involving microscopy, flow cytometry, pharmaceutical inspection, assembly lines, and/or fault inspection.

  3. High Resolution IP67 LWIR Camera: Serval-640-GigE

    Xenics’ Serval-640-GigE is an LWIR camera designed for use in in-line process and quality control. It has a spectral band of 8µm to 14µm and 640x480 resolution. It’s been specifically designed for industrial imaging applications that call for rugged and reliable cameras without the need for third-party enclosures.

  4. High Speed, High Resolution CMOS Camera: Phantom v2511

    This high speed CMOS camera offers 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, a 28 micron pixel size with 12-bit depth, 1µs minimum exposure standard, up to 677,000 fps (frames per second) standard or 1,000,000 fps with the FAST option (at reduced resolutions), and much more.

  5. Digital High Speed Cameras: V-Series

    Our V-Series of High Speed Cameras have been around since 1993, and we’ve been building and improving on it ever since.

  6. 110 LED Illumination System: X-Cite® 110LED Datasheet

    Excelitas’ X-Cite® 110LED is an LED illumination system for fluorescence imaging applications. It features a small size, optimized thermal management, light guide delivery, and multiple control options.

  7. 110 LED Illumination System: X-Cite® 110LED

    The X-Cite® 110LED white LED illumination source operates in the 360-660nm wavelength range, measures in at 95 x 230 x 212 mm (W x H x D), weighs 3 kg, and has a 160 W power consumption. It’s been designed for fluorescence imaging applications and provides excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5, and other commonly used fluorophores.

  8. Can Machined Glass Be Strengthened?

    Download this brief application note to learn more about tempered and heat strengthened glass, chemically strengthened soda glass, and high ion-exchange chemically strengthened thin glass, and the potential risks and feasibility of strengthening said glass.

  9. Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) for Additive Manufacturing

    In direct metal laser sintering, a fiber laser draws onto the surface of atomized powder to build production-quality metal parts. The laser welds the metal powder into a solid. After the first laser draw and the powder’s transition into a solid, a blade adds a fresh layer of powder and repeats the process until the part is formed.

  10. MWIR Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly Image Sensor Module: CD640-12-MW Datasheet

    The CD640-12-MW MWIR IDCA image sensor module is particularly ideal for imaging applications with low SWaP restrictions, in portable, battery powered systems, and in extreme temperatures. It offers 640 x 480 pixel resolution and 12µm pixel pitch.

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