1. From Patterned Wafer To Packaged Device: Optical Alignment For Packaging and Test In SiP

    As photonic and electronic devices began to converge, bandwidth, efficiency, and functionality improved significantly. On the flip side, testing and packaging these silicon photonic (SiP) devices has proven to be a challenge. Testing conventional microcircuits can be done through physical contact, conventional positioning control devices, and visual inspection. On the other hand, photonic devices require non-contact and nanoscale alignment between the hybrid device under test and a probe fiber or other element. And we haven’t even begun discussing the complications involved in packaging such devices.

  2. Digital Encoder Galvano Scanner: GM-1000 Series

    The GM-1000 series of digital encoder galvano scanners is comprised of four different models with variations in beam diameter, scan angles, small step response, and resolution. Each model has a compact physical profile, super low thermal drift, and extreme high resolution, precision, and accuracy.

  3. Digital Encoder Galvano Scanner: GM-1000 Series Datasheet

    Canon’s latest series of digital encoder galvano scanners are ideal for laser ophthalmic surgery, confocal microscopy, OCT scanning, laser marking and scribing, laser projection and imaging, and micromachining and processing applications. There are several models available in the series with varying specifications depending on your need. Download the datasheet to learn more.

  4. SWIR Clip On System: Warrior C2S

    This clip on system attaches directly to a Canon 5D (and other SLR camera models) camera, allowing its operators to suddenly see through haze, smoke, and dust for enhanced long range ISR applications, or to detect SWIR markers or beacons. An optional covert SWIR laser illuminator can also be directly mounted to the camera to enable ID-quality imagery in total darkness.

  5. SWIR Clip On System: Warrior C2S Datasheet

    The Warrior C2S is a clip on system that mounts directly to an SLR camera, taking it from a standard visible imaging system to one with SWIR (shortwave infrared) imaging capabilities.

  6. 3D Optical Surface Profiler: ZeGage™

    The ZeGage™ is a scanning white light interferometer that provides 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. Unlike other optical surface profilers, this system maintains high resolution at all seven of its magnification options. It’s also not affected by the environment it operates in. You can take it out of the QA lab, place it directly beside your production equipment, and still get a 3D surface roughness measurement of precision machined surfaces with nanometer level precision.

  7. 3D Optical Surface Profiler: ZeGage™ Datasheet

    Zygo’s ZeGage is a 3D optical surface profiler for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. It maintains high resolution 3D imaging at all seven levels of its magnification options and is unaffected by vibrations and noise levels. For more information on its unique features and specifications, powerful visualization, quantitative results, simultaneous 2D and 3D metrology, and interactive tools, download the datasheet.

  8. Radiometric Detection and Imaging: Tamarisk®320 Precision Series

    The Tamarisk®320 Precision Series of micro thermal imagers for radiometric detection and imaging offer 320 x 240 pixel resolution and are ideal for applications involving test and measurement, fire detection, equipment monitoring, perimeter security, gas leak detection, process monitoring and automation, building inspections, and medical diagnostics/screening.

  9. Radiometric Detection and Imaging: Tamarisk®320 Precision Series Brochure

    DRS Technologies’  Tamarisk®320 Precision Series of thermal imagers offer 320 x 240 pixel resolution and are versatile enough to handle a wide variety of applications involving radiometric detection and imaging. For information on the series’ specifications and unique features, download the brochure.

  10. Piezoelectric Mirror Tip/Tilt Actuators: Nano-MTA Series Datasheet

    Mad City Labs’ Nano-MTA series of single and two-axis piezoelectric mirror tip/tilt actuators are ideal for high speed laser beam steering, optical disk manufacturing, interferometry, optical trapping, FBG writing, astronomy, and active optics applications.

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