1. LaCroix Optical Capabilities Overview

    This datasheet provides a brief glimpse of some of the unique things that set LaCroix Optical apart from their competitors, as well as an overview of their offerings.

  2. Precision Optics Capabilities

    LaCroix Optical has been supplying precision optics to the scientific, medical, industrial, defense, and astronomy markets since 1947. This page provides an overview of their capabilities.

  3. Fizeau Interferometer: Verifire™ QPZ Interferometer Datasheet

    This Fizeau interferometer features patented QPSI acquisition for true on-axis common path surface form metrology in the presence of vibration

  4. Fizeau Interferometer: Verifire™ QPZ Interferometer

    The Verifire QPZ interferometer is a true common-path Fizeau configuration that ensures accurate metrology and “ripple-free” phase measurements in vibration prone environments.  The patented QPSI™ acquisition technique provides true on-axis metrology for plano and spherical surfaces making it well-suited to provide accurate surface metrology in both production and QC environments. For additional information on the system and its performance, download the datasheet.

  5. Dynamic Laser Interferometer: DynaFiz™ Interferometer Datasheet

    Zygo’s DynaFizTM interferometer has been designed to measure the surface form of optics in the presence of turbulent air, or in environments susceptible to extreme vibrations.

  6. Dynamic Laser Interferometer: DynaFiz™Interferometer

    The DynaFizTM interferometer is a high performance laser interferometer designed to measure the surface form of optics in the presence of turbulent air, or in environments susceptible to extreme vibrations.  The system’s long life, high powered HeNe laser source enables reliable metrology at the camera’s maximum shutter speeds of cavities with low reflectivity.   This proprietary laser and optimized optical system in the DynaFiz system  allows the interferometer to “freeze” the vibration during acquisition so that dynamic metrology can be conducted in environments that are too violent for traditional temporal phase shifting.

  7. AR and AF Automotive Display Coatings: Datasheet

    Iridian’s AR and AF coatings can be used to protect automotive displays from water and environmental oils, and reduce glass reflectance by more than 70%.

  8. AR and AF Automotive Display Coatings

    Iridian Spectral Technologies has developed oleophobic and hydrophobic AF coatings for easy cleaning and smudge resistance, and AR coatings to suppress surface reflections for use in touch-screen technology in vehicle interiors.

  9. Digital Pyrodetector: PYD 1688 Datasheet

    The PYD 1688 is a low power digital pyrodetector ideal for both residential and commercial settings. For information on its features, specifications, and ideal areas of application, download the datasheet.

  10. High-Load Hexapod for Precise and Repeatable Positioning: H-850KLMD Datasheet

    The H-850KLMD is a high-load hexapod ideal for a variety of positioning applications that call for highly-precise and repeatable positioning.

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