1. Digital Monochrome EMCCD Camera: Hawk EM216 Datasheet

    This EMCCD camera is ideal for UV imaging blue response, enhancing underwater images, ground and air based surveillance, scientific imaging, and situational awareness applications

  2. Digital Monochrome EMCCD Camera: Hawk EM216

    Raptor Photonics’ Hawk EM216 is a 768 x 576 digital monochrome camera with back-illuminated EMCCD technology to enable <50µlux, high sensitivity imaging. It has greater than 90% QE @600nm, enhanced blue response from 180nm for underwater and UV detection, and fan-less cooling for system integration or discrete low light surveillance.

  3. HDR CMOS Camera: Blue Eagle Datasheet

    First Sensor’s Blue Eagle is an HDR CMOS camera ideal for automotive and mobile OEM applications. Download the datasheet for information on its features, specifications, and for more specifics on its ideal areas of application.

  4. HDR CMOS Camera for Automotive and Mobile OEM Applications

    First Sensor’s HDR CMOS camera offers a greater than 100 dB dynamic range, a wide range of digital data interfaces, and an operating temperature range of -40 to +95oC. These specifications coupled with their ruggedness make them ideal for front/rear/blind spot detection in cars, heavy trucks, forklifts, agricultural equipment, and mining machines.

  5. Real-Time Methane Detection and Imaging: Hyper-Cam Methane Datasheet

    This gas imaging camera is ideal for applications involving landfill characterization, the exploration and exploitation of natural gas, and for environmental research.

  6. Real-Time Methane Detection and Imaging: Hyper-Cam Methane

    Telops’ Hyper-Cam Methane is ideal for research projects involving the detection, identification, and quantification of gas leaks and emissions. It has the ability to map atmospheric methane at concentrations as low as 1 ppm. It features rapid visualization of leaks and emissions, automated quantification of methane concentrations and flow rates, and passive monitoring capabilities over vast areas.

  7. Lockheed Martin Previews F-35 Lightning II "Fighter Of The Future"

    The U.K. was host to air shows recently with the annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and the biennial Farnborough International AirShow (FIA) 2014. In this article, Asif Anwar from Strategy Analytics describes his experience at the Lockheed Martin F-35/F-16 preview day held at RAF Fairford, the venue for RIAT, and provides an overview of the new capabilities of each aircraft.

  8. 120 LED Illumination System: X-Cite® Datasheet

    X-Cite® by Excelitas Technologies offers Life Science and Analytical Instrumentation users a range of innovative fluorescence illumination solutions.  It provides a simple yet powerful LED solution with no lamps to replace.

  9. 120 LED Illumination System: X-Cite®

    The X-Cite® 120 LED illumination system by Excelitas provides high power, broad-spectrum fluorescence excitation from 370-700nm. It offers exceptional field uniformity at the specimen, instant ON/OFF without mechanical shuttering, an ergonomic, manual controller, a built-in USB interface, zero maintenance, and quiet, vibration-free thermal management.

  10. Affordable Thermal Imaging: Viento 640 Datasheet

    The Viento 640 is an inexpensive thermal imaging camera with 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

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