1. Cameras for Astronomy: Observations in the H Band

    This application note contains sample images of Uranus and the Trapezium cluster, both observed in the astronomical H band (1.625µm).

  2. Compact and Lightweight Dynamic Laser Interferometer: PhaseCam 6000 Datasheet

    The PhaseCam 6000 is a dynamic laser interferometer with 30 µsec data acquisition time. It’s ideal for applications involving in situ process control, the optical testing of moving parts, large telescope optics, optical component quality verification, vacuum and environmental chamber testing, focal optical systems, and adaptive optics and moving parts.

  3. Compact and Lightweight Dynamic Laser Interferometer: PhaseCam 6000

    4D Technology’s PhaseCam 6000 can make wavefront measurements in as little as 30 microseconds. This is over 5000 times faster than what a phase shifting interferometer can do. This makes it ideal for noisy environments without the need for vibration isolation or turbulence control.

  4. High Speed CMOS Camera: Phantom® v2011

    Vision Research’s v2011 CMOS camera is the most powerful entry in the Phantom® v-Series family of high-speed and high-definition cameras. It can deliver over 22,000 frames-per-second at 1 megapixel resolution. At reduced resolution, it can provide frame rates of up to 666,600 fps.

  5. Precision Linear Stage: M-417 Datasheet

    PI’s M-417 is a linear stage with a 500mm travel range. It’s ideal for precision positioning, high-duty applications for both the scientific and industrial marketplaces

  6. Precision Linear Stage: M-417

    The M-417 linear stage offers precision positioning for the scientific and industrial marketplaces, particularly in applications that call for high duty cycles. It offers velocity to 100 mm/s, low crosstalk with +100 µrad over the 500mm travel range, 0.5 µm design resolution, and minimal incremental motion to 0.5 µm.

  7. High-Speed CMOS Camera: Phantom® v1611

    Like the v1211 high-speed CMOS camera, the v1611 offers 1280 x 800 resolution, but it performs at over 30% more speed. It can acquire and save up to 16 gigapixels-per-second of data, which translates into 16,000 frames per second at full resolution.

  8. pco. Pioneer In sCMOS Image Sensor Technology

    The pco.edge series of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras has opened up the breadth of scientific imaging applications by allowing for structured illumination and localization microscopy, dynamic processes in fluorescence microscopy, high-contrast imaging in 3D metrology, particle image velocimetry, digital pathology, and many other imaging solutions.

  9. High-Speed CMOS Cameras: Phantom® vXX11 Family

    Vision Research’s vXX11 family of high-speed CMOS cameras are the world’s fastest 1 Mpx with the most light sensitivity. Four different models are available with variations in throughputs, frame rates, and resolutions. 

  10. High-Speed CMOS Camera: Phantom® v1211

    The Phantom v1211 high-speed camera provides a 12,000 FPS rate at full (1280 x 800) resolution. This is made possible through a widescreen CMOS sensor that can acquire and save up to 12 Gigapixels-per-second of data, making it an ideal tool for scientists, researchers, and engineers looking to capture high-speed phenomenon in a wide variety of applications.

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