News | February 5, 2007

Edmund Optics Presents Broadband Mirrors


Barrington, NJ — Edmund Optics offers Deep UV Enhanced Mirrors that are ideal for steering light sources at wavelengths through the UV, visible, and IR. Manufactured from an aluminum-based coating on a laser-quality substrate, these broadband mirrors offer >85% reflectance through the wide wavelength range from 170 nm in the deep UV through 11 mm in the IR.

Beams of light from almost any commercially-available source can be steered using these mirrors, including excimer lasers; broadband mercury, deuterium, and xenon lamps; and a host of other sources used in spectroscopy, chemistry, ellipsometry, and biomedical applications.

The mirrors are also useful for applications with light polarization issues: they are designed to feature low polarization sensitivity at a 0° angle of incidence. The substrate features a wavefront distortion of 1/10th wave (@633nm), low coefficient of thermal expansion, and laser grade surface quality and scattering profile.

SOURCE: Edmund Optics

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