Supplier News

  1. Schneider Optics Presents New Cinegon, Xenoplan And Tele-Xenar, P-Iris C-Mount Lenses

    Schneider Optics introduces 16 new motorized versions of Schneider-Kreuznach’s Cinegon, Xenoplan and Tele-Xenar Compact C-Mount lenses. These high quality lenses have been fitted with industrial P-Iris stepper motors for digital control.

  2. NTT Advanced Technology Announces The Availability Of A Bypass Switch Module To Protect Network Services During Natural Disasters And Power Outages

    NTT Advanced Technology, a technology integrator that commercializes the research results of NTT Labs, is promoting its redundancy and bypass switch as a solution to help prevent service disruptions during natural disasters and electrical power outages. During an electrical outage, network equipment can suddenly lose power and stop providing or transmitting data services.

  3. VCSBC quadro: Intelligent Multiple Head Camera Platform

    Ettlingen – Machine vision specialist Vision Components introduces the VCSBC quadro, a board camera based on the established VC360 with four sensor heads for taking 360° panorama pictures in various applications such as safety or security applications, for example. With ports for one, two, or four sensor heads, the VCSBC quadro is an economic platform for all kinds of multi-sensor solutions.

  4. New Xenon-Ruby Lenses Ideal For Industrial Applications

    Schneider Optics presents new, lightweight and cost-efficient Xenon-Ruby C-mount lenses from Schneider Optics.

  5. Raptor Launches Kingfisher V, Ultra-Sensitive 6MP CCD Cooling To Δ-111°C

    Raptor Photonics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital cameras has launched theKingfisher V, a deep cooled vacuum based CCD using Raptor’s revolutionary new vacuum technology called PentaVac.

  6. Raptor Launches PentaVac, 21st Century Vacuum Technology Enabling Cooling To Δ-111°C

    Raptor Photonics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital cameras has launched a revolutionary new vacuum technology called PentaVac.

  7. Intelligent Outlook: Smart Camera VC Nano Tube

    Responding to a customer request, Vision Components, expert for embedded machine vision systems, has refined its intelligent camera model VC nano cube.

  8. Extra Smart With Two Remote Heads: VC Nano Cube Dual For Stereo Applications

    At this year's VISION exhibition, Vision Components will present the VC nano cube dual, an intelligent stereo camera based on the proven VC nano cube line.

  9. ecoVis Krypton Light Source For VIS-NIR Application

    The ecoVis is a compact, low-voltage light source (400-2500 nm) from Ocean Optics with built-in cuvette holder that’s ideal for basic lab measurements in teaching labs and other research environments.

  10. Deposition Sciences Announces New Director Of Marketing And Sales

    Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), manufacturer of highly durable optical thin film coatings, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael P. Newell to the position of Director of Marketing and Sales.