Sensors / Detectors News

  1. Imec Demonstrates Wireless Eye-Tracking Technology Based On Electro-Oculography

    Imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technology, will demonstrate recently at its Imec Technology Forum in Antwerp (ITF Belgium 2018), a new wireless eye-tracking technology based on electro-oculography (EOG), an ophthalmology technique used to examine eyes and record eye movement.

  2. 'Optically Pumped' Laser Closer To Improving Processing Speed Of Sensors

    Imagine creating a material for the digital information highway that allows a fast lane of laser light that zips data past the traditional silicon chips.

  3. Researchers Create Fiber Optic Sensors That Dissolve In The Body

    For the first time, researchers have fabricated sensing elements known as fiber Bragg gratings inside optical fibers designed to dissolve completely inside the body.


  4. Electro-Mechano-Optical NMR Detection

    An international research project led by Kazuyuki Takeda of Kyoto University and Koji Usami of the University of Tokyo has developed a new method of light detection for nuclear magnetic resonance -- NMR -- by up-converting NMR radio-frequency signals into optical signals.

  5. TU Wien Develops New Semiconductor Processing Technology

    Extremely fine porous structures with tiny holes - resembling a kind of sponge at nano level - can be generated in semiconductors.

  6. Powerful Multi Channel Detector For Flame Detector Technology

    The technical development in the field of industrial fire protection and early fire detection has made tremendous progress during recent years.

  7. Sensor The Size Of A Nitrogen Atom Investigates Hard Drives

    To connect components with each other, gluing is preferred today instead of welding, riveting or using screws. That makes cars, planes and agricultural machines lighter.

  8. "Quantum Radioā€¯ May Aid Communications And Mapping Indoors, Underground, And Underwater

    Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated that quantum physics might enable communications and mapping in locations where GPS and ordinary cellphones and radios don’t work reliably or even at all, such as indoors, in urban canyons, underwater and underground.

  9. Tweaking Quantum Dots Improves Double-Pane Solar Window Electricity Generation, Shading, And Insulation

    Using two types of “designer” quantum dots, researchers are creating double-pane solar windows that generate electricity with greater efficiency and create shading and insulation for good measure.

  10. LG Electronics, Here Technologies Partner On Next-Gen Telematics For Autonomous Vehicles

    LG Electronics (LG) is partnering with HERE Technologies (HERE), a global provider of digital mapping and location services, to offer a next-generation telematics solution for autonomous vehicles.