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  1. Viral RNA Sensing: Optical Detection Of Picomolar Concentrations Of RNA Using Switches In Plasmonic Chirality

    Even tiny amounts of viruses can have disastrous consequences. RNA identification can reveal the type of virus present. A fast and sensitive technique based on optical detection has now been outlined in the journal Angewandte Chemie.

  2. Go!Foton To Showcase Fiber Management Platform At ECOC 2018

    Go!Foton corporation, global leader in innovative fiber connectivity solutions, is set to showcase its award-winning line of PEACOC high-density fiber management solutions at ECOC 2018, Rome 24-26 September.

  3. New Nanoparticle Superstructures Made From Pyramid-Shaped Building Blocks

    In research that may help bridge the divide between the nano and the macro, Brown University chemists have used pyramid-shaped nanoparticles to create what might be the most complex macroscale superstructure ever assembled.

  4. Fiber Optic Sensor Measures Tiny Magnetic Fields

    Researchers have developed a light-based technique for measuring very weak magnetic fields, such as those produced when neurons fire in the brain.

  5. Delft Researchers Push The Boundaries Of Optical Microscopy

    The field of optical microscopy research has developed rapidly in recent years. Thanks to the invention of a technique called super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, it has recently become possible to view even the smaller parts of a living cell.

  6. Two Quantum Dots Are Better Than One: Using One Dot To Sense Changes In Another

    Quantum dots are nanometer-sized boxes that have attracted huge scientific interest for use in nanotechnology because their properties obey quantum mechanics and are requisites to develop advanced electronic and photonic devices.

  7. First-Ever Method For Controlling Nanomotors Is Developed By UT Engineers

    In a breakthrough for nanotechnology, engineers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed the first method for selecting and switching the mechanical motion of nanomotors among multiple modes with simple visible light as the stimulus.

  8. Teledyne DALSA Introduces Industry’s first 5 Gigabit, GigE Vision Cameras

    Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, is pleased to introduce its newest Genie Nano cameras with eight new monochrome and color models built around the industry’s best performing SONY image sensors.

  9. Extremely Small And Fast: Laser Ignites Hot Plasma

    When light pulses from an extremely powerful laser system are fired onto material samples, the electric field of the light rips the electrons off the atomic nuclei. For fractions of a second, a plasma is created.

  10. Researchers Managed To Prevent The Disappearing Of Quantum Information

    The properties of quantum mechanics can be utilised, for example, in technology and encrypting messages, but the disadvantage is the occasional disappearing of information. For the first time, a research group consisting of Finnish and Chinese scientists has found a way to fully control the information escaping the qubit.