Gooch & Housego provides complete optical system design, engineering and manufacturing services to the aerospace & defense, industrial, life sciences and scientific research sectors, based upon the following key enabling photonic technologies: Acousto-Optics, Crystal Optics Electro-Optics, Fiber Optics and photonic packaging, Non-Linear Optics, Precision Optics including optical polishing and coatings, as well as light measurement instrumentation and services, spectral Imaging & synthesis.

With worldwide sales & marketing and nine manufacturing sites (six in the USA and three in the UK) combined with a range of QA compliance certification, ITAR manufacturing capability and a tradition of providing photonic solutions for the most demanding applications and environments, the clear advantage to the customer is access to an unparalleled range of expertise across a range of complementary technologies, as well as the capability to take customers' new visions from design through prototyping to volume production.


Acousto-Optic Capabilities Acousto-Optic Capabilities

Gooch & Housego (G&H) offers a comprehensive product line of acousto-optic devices and drivers, all of which are internally designed and manufactured. This broad range of acousto-optic products and services includes crystal growth of lithium niobate (LiNbO3) transducer and tellurium dioxide (TeO2), crystal orientation, cutting and shaping, polishing, anti-reflective (AR) coating, transducer bonding, and packaging. With a tight control on the design and production processes, G&H is able to meet standard and custom OEM designs for a wide variety of applications.

Crystal Optic Capabilities Crystal Optic Capabilities

Gooch & Housego is capable of producing, orienting, fabricating, and finishing a wide range of optical crystals from a variety of materials. These crystals can be used in many applications including lasers, Pockels cells, Q-switches, acousto-optic modulators and beam deflectors, harmonic generators, and waveplates.

Electro-Optic Capabilities Electro-Optic Capabilities

Gooch & Housego designs and manufactures electro-optic Pockels cells. These cells are produced from dideuterium phosphate, β-barium borate, or cadmium telluride, and have clear aperture diameters ranging from 1.8 mm to 100 mm.

Fiber Optic Capabilities Fiber Optic Capabilities

Gooch & Housego offers a range of active and passive fiber optic components and optical modules for use in all-fiber systems. Since 1985, the passive fiber optic group has been an expert in providing fused fiber coupler manufacturing techniques, integration of fiber optic assemblies, and custom packaging of semiconductor devices. The active fiber group has developed pump lasers, DFB & DBR lasers, DFB laser modules, laser controllers, high speed detectors, and high reliability booster erbium-doped fiber amplifiers since the year 2000.

Precision Optics Capabilities Precision Optics Capabilities

Gooch & Housego has a precision optics group covering operations focused on expanding and developing their unique capabilities. All G&H facilities are qualified with the experience needed for defense, metrology, and medical sectors. Precision optics products are export regulation compliant, ITAR compliant, and ISO 9001 certified.

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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Whether for low volume, prototype units, or high volume OEM manufacturing supply, G&H can provide the optical assemblies and components critical to medical imaging systems fabricators for ophthalmic OCT and other imaging applications.

Aerospace And Defense Aerospace And Defense

Gooch & Housego’s solutions for aerospace, defense, and space markets include offerings in fiber optics, integrated FO component packaging and precision optics. Their sub systems and components and are used for guidance and navigation, opto-pyrotechnics and data communications.

Life Sciences Life Sciences

Gooch & Housego is an expert manufacturer of high-quality optical sub-systems and other optical components for life science markets. With a proven track record of providing assemblies and components for medical imaging systems, ophthalmic optical coherence tomography, and other imaging applications, G&H is the perfect partner for all of your innovative, high-tech optical solutions.

Scientific Research Scientific Research

The prospect of nuclear fusion research and energy laser technology opens up the possibility for limitless quantities of clean, carbon-free energy to meet the world’s growing needs. Gooch & Housego supplies many of the world’s leading nuclear fusion energy research facilities, and provides this market with a wide range of products that utilize crystal growth, precision optics, thin-film coating, and fiber optic technologies.

Industrial Industrial

Gooch & Housego provides a number of different acousto-optic, electro-optic, fiber optic, and precision optic products for many different industrial markets and applications.


Barle High-Resolution 25 mm SWIR Lens Barle High-Resolution 25 mm SWIR Lens

Gooch & Housego's new 25 mm Barle high-resolution lens, for use with short wave infrared cameras, offers optimal SWIR imagery for machine vision and security applications, including remote sensing, fog penetration, and night vision.

Precision Optics Precision Optics

Gooch & Housego produces precision optics components and assemblies from a variety of materials for research, industry, and defense markets. Products created for laser cavity and beam conditioning include active and passive components, non-linear crystals, and acousto-optic and electro-optic components.

Fiber Optics Fiber Optics

The line of active and passive fiber optic components and modules from Gooch & Housego provide the performance and reliability needed for a variety of applications including space, terrestrial, and submarine telecommunications systems. 

Electro-Optics Electro-Optics

Pockels cells from Gooch & Housego are designed to polarize the state of light that passes through it when an applied voltage brings about birefringence changes in an electro-optic crystal. These cells can also function as optical switches, or laser Q-switches when used in conjunction with polarizers.

Pockels cells come in transverse and longitudinal electrical configurations. Transverse cells operate with the electric field perpendicular to the light beam, and often employ opaque metal electrodes. Longitudinal cells operate with the electrical field running parallel to the light beam, and use face electrodes of transparent, conductive materials, or conductive plasmas. Another longitudinal approach is to remove the electrodes from the beam path by positioning the electrodes on the barrel of the cylindrical crystal.

Crystal Optics Crystal Optics

Gooch & Housego demonstrates expertise in its ability to grow, orient, fabricate, finish, coat, and mount crystals from a variety of materials in housings from 3 mm to larger than 300 mm. Crystal materials such as BBO, CdS, CdSe, KDP, and KD*P are used in many devices including acousto-optic modulators, lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulators, Pockels cells, waveplates, and harmonic generating crystals. G&H is able to measure insertion loss, uniformity of birefringence, and other important crystal characteristics at their extensive facilities specializing in transmission and reflection interferometry.

Acousto-Optics Acousto-Optics

Gooch & Housego produces devices with innovative acousto-optic (AO) designs able to minimize the undesirable effects of crosstalk, light leakage, and beam distortion. With maximized performance levels, these state-of-the-art AO devices can be used as a custom one-off or volume OEM solution for a wide variety of applications. Many of G&H’s photonic solutions are space qualified or are currently deployed, as they are developed, designed, and manufactured for extreme temperatures, radiation, shock, and vibration. These devices are ITAR compliant, and may be produced as single prototypes or manufactured at full-scale production quality by the thousands.

Fiber Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators: Fiber-Q<sup>TM</sup> Fiber Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators: Fiber-QTM

The Fiber-QTM series from Gooch and Housego consists of acousto-optic modulators that are ideal for applications involving high-speed optical pulse picking, and biomedical and optical sensing.

Germanium Acousto-Optic Modulators Germanium Acousto-Optic Modulators

Combining optimum grade mono-crystalline germanium, high quality optical finishing, robust anti-reflection coating and high reliability transducer bonding, with novel acoustic management and optomechanical design techniques, we have successfully achieved exceptional thermal management whilst maintaining high RF power handling, transmission and diffraction efficiency.


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  • Gooch & Housego Has Announced The Appointment Of Yahvé Rosales As Chief Commercial Officer
    Gooch & Housego Has Announced The Appointment Of Yahvé Rosales As Chief Commercial Officer

    In this role at Gooch & Housego, he will be report to the CEO (Mark Webster) and will be part of the G&H Executive Committee. Mr Rosales will be responsible for all commercial activities across the Group.

  • Gooch & Housego Acquires US Lens Manufacturer
    Gooch & Housego Acquires US Lens Manufacturer

    Gooch & Housego PLC recently announced the acquisition of StingRay Optics LLC. StingRay are a specialist designer and manufacturer of high performance optical and opto-mechanical sub-systems for demanding defense and commercial applications. The acquisition of StingRay is aligned with G&H's strategic objectives of moving up the value chain and further diversification into the aerospace & defense sector.

  • Fiber Optics For Quantum Technology Research
    Fiber Optics For Quantum Technology Research

    Gooch & Housego has successfully won funding for involvement in two further programs, CASPA and REVEAL, in a competition for the commercialization of quantum technologies. The contest is supported by Innovate UK and the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

  • Acousto-Optic (AO) Technology Enables The Characterization Of Mars Atmosphere
    Acousto-Optic (AO) Technology Enables The Characterization Of Mars Atmosphere

    The European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars programme aims to analyse the Martian environment and provide answers on the possibility of life on Mars. A key part of the 2016 mission includes a Mars orbiter called Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), which carries the NOMAD instrument. NOMAD combines three spectrometers to perform high-sensitivity orbital identification of atmospheric components, employing G&H acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) devices.

  • Next Generation OCT Systems For Glaucoma Diagnosis
    Next Generation OCT Systems For Glaucoma Diagnosis

    UK-based Gooch & Housego has announced the start of work on the GALAHAD (Glaucoma – Advanced, Label-free High Resolution Automated OCT Diagnosis) project. The project, inaugurated in December and funded as part of the EU Horizon 2020 program, will develop and apply research into high resolution OCT for glaucoma diagnosis.

  • Fostering The Talent Of Tomorrow
    Fostering The Talent Of Tomorrow

    Over 300 young people from 10 schools and colleges across South Devon attended Techbay, organized by Torbay Council and South Devon College as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, celebrating the first year of the MADE (Manufacturing Activities Designed to Engage) initiative. Gooch & Housego’s involvement as one of 25 companies was to show how science and technology studied at school can translate to a career in engineering.

  • Gooch & Housego Wins Two Queen’s Awards In One Year
    Gooch & Housego Wins Two Queen’s Awards In One Year

    This year in April, Kent Periscopes, one of our recently acquired companies, was given the Export Award whilst Gooch & Housego (Torquay) was given the Innovation Award. Both awards were then formally presented to the companies in November. The Export Award was received for International Trade in recognition of Kent Periscopes having achieved outstanding growth in overseas sales over a period of three years

  • GOOCH & HOUSEGO Announces Quantum Technology Funding Award
    GOOCH & HOUSEGO Announces Quantum Technology Funding Award

    GOOCH & HOUSEGO has successfully won funding for involvement in two projects, REVEAL and CASPA, in the commercialization of quantum technologies competition supported by Innovate UK and the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

  • Gooch & Housego Aims To Grow Business With Government-Backed Competitiveness Program
    Gooch & Housego Aims To Grow Business With Government-Backed Competitiveness Program

    Gooch & Housego has been selected for Sharing in Growth, a UK government-backed program which helps firms compete for increased aerospace business. The company is aiming to double the turnover from its three UK manufacturing sites to over £70 million by launching a four year £7 million business transformation program with support from the government’s Regional Growth Fund.

  • EU FP7 Double Acquisition For Gooch & Housego In The Aerospace And Defense Sector

    Gooch & Housego PLC announces that it has completed two acquisitions that further strengthen the company’s Aerospace & Defence manufacturing abilities.  They have acquired Kent Periscopes Ltd, a UK based specialist supplier of periscopes, vehicle sights and related equipment for land based armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), and Alfalight Inc, a Madison, Wisconsin based designer and manufacturer of high reliability, rugged laser based, electro-optic systems for defence and security applications.


  • Innovative Design Process Fastracks UAV Laser Comms Development
    Innovative Design Process Fastracks UAV Laser Comms Development

    Using photonics technologies to establish communications in air-to-ground, air-to-air, and air-to-space fields offers many advantages related to transmission speed, low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) systems, spectrum regulations, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. Specifically in UAV laser communications, photonics technology has the potential to establish secure and reliable high-speed links that are also immune to jamming/spoofing, where transmissions cannot be detected, in contrast to traditional RF technology. This article discusses the additional advantages of using photonics in the design process of UAV laser comms development, and provides an example of a UAV laser transmitter under testing at Gooch & Housego.

  • Understanding LIDT Laser Optics For High Power Lasers
    Understanding LIDT Laser Optics For High Power Lasers

    To analyze the specific damage characteristics of high-power laser optics, it is important to understand the laser induced damage threshold (LIDT), an analytical threshold determination method that can reveal damage diagnostics, and its testing provides a lower-cost option for coating development. 

  • The Evolution Of Ultrafast, Ultra-Precise Beam Steering Techniques For Micro-Material Processing

    When designing micromaterial processing equipment, manufacturers need to consider a complex interplay of numerous factors, such as extremely accurate positioning of lasers for cutting, drilling, scribing, or for marking at the highest rate possible.  In many integrated circuits, the required beam accuracies can be staggering. Display manufacturers must also accurately place and repair pixel circuitry at ever shrinking resolutions on increasing larger substrates. 

  • Faster, Smaller Delay Lines Drive OCT Applications Further
    Faster, Smaller Delay Lines Drive OCT Applications Further

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) can be used in many medical applications including displaying real-time details of eye diseases, detecting skin cancer, or monitoring heart surgery. The OCT market is set to grow even further over the next few years as the efficiency and effectiveness of imaging improves.

  • Radiation-Resistant Optical Fiber Amplifiers For Satellite Communications

    This white paper presents and discusses 1.55 μm booster amplifiers and pre-amplifiers that are suitable for satellite to ground, inter-satellite links, and flexible photonic payloads.

  • Testing All-Fiber Widely Tunable Thulium Lasers
    Testing All-Fiber Widely Tunable Thulium Lasers

    The broad emission spectrum of thulium fibers, which can extend from 1600 to 2200 nm, makes a thulium fiber laser an excellent choice for building widely tunable fiber lasers. This paper details Gooch & Housego's results testing an all-fiber thulium laser system that can be tuned to any wavelength between 1710 to 2110 nm, without using any moving mechanical parts.

  • Project Overview And Passive Component Development: Integrated Disruptive Components For 2µm Fiber Lasers (ISLA)

    The ISLA project was a research and development project with the goal of developing “building block” components of compatible and self-consistent active and passive fibers, fused fiber couplers and combiners, fiber-coupled isolators, modulators and high power pump laser diodes. This project also intended to develop a CW, a pulsed and a short pulse laser demonstration laser for use in applications testing. This paper delivers an overview of the project, the results from Gooch & Housego’s work on developing passive components for 2 µm fiber lasers, and the research efforts on different isolator materials with the largest Verdet constants to be used in 2 µm isolators.

  • Developing Mid-IR Fused Fiber Couplers
    Developing Mid-IR Fused Fiber Couplers

    Increasing use of fiber lasers and fused fiber technology for industrial, medical, and sensing applications has led to the development of fused fiber devices in all-fiber system architectures. This article demonstrates Gooch & Housego’s efforts developing single-mode fused couplers in a ZBLAN fiber in the mid-IR range.

  • Benefits Of Acousto-Optic Devices For Operation With 2mm Fiber Lasers

    Fiber lasers operating in the 2 µm region with a large mode area in an “eye safe” region of the spectrum are attractive to many applications such as laser machining and biomedical systems. Gooch & Housego has made recent developments in acousto-optic modulators and tunable filters that are specifically optimized for fiber systems operating at or around 2 µm. This article discusses the important consideration of the choice of interaction medium, such as acousto-optic devices, especially for the polarization behavior of the device when used in a fiber system.

  • Confocal Microscopy Evolves With AO Tunable Filters

    Acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) technology is growing to replace conventional and cumbersome mechanical techniques within biomedical applications for confocal microscopy. Benefits of using AO tunable systems include electronic control, configurable drivers for improving operator flexibility, feedback stabilizing systems to maintain wavelength stability for all environmental conditions, and custom-grown tellurium dioxide crystals to ensure optimal performance. This article discusses the evolution of confocal microscopy in using AOTF technologies, as well as maximizing the potential of AOTF systems and their benefits to users by integrating next-generation drivers.

  • Challenges And Solutions For High Performance SWIR Lens Designs

    The current pace of Gooch & Housego's development of affordable high performance SWIR cameras does not match their pace of developing affordable high performance SWIR lenses. As a result, lower image quality is more likely to stem from the lens rather than the camera. This article discusses the technical challenges of creating compatible lenses that deliver high image quality and transmission across the full extent of the SWIR band at a much cheaper cost.

  • Shifting Dynamics In Intercontinental Cabling And The Implications For HI-REL Fiber Coupler Manufacture And Supply

    Gooch & Housego's (G&H) approach to high-reliability (HI-REL) fiber coupler manufacturing has been further developed by balancing the attention to detail with their rapid changes in their response to market. At G&H’s Torquay facility, they recently had to triple the output of couplers for prestigious clients while maintaining their high quality standards. To meet this demand, G&H needed to make a shift in their testing and manufacturing processes. This blog article describes this delivery milestone, as well as the efforts put into it, and further plans for product development.

  • The Fundamentals Of AOTF-Based Spectral Imaging And Polarimetry
    The Fundamentals Of AOTF-Based Spectral Imaging And Polarimetry

    Many hyperspectral imaging (HSi) systems use a diffraction grating to split up a line of an image into strips with different wavelengths and so build up a 3D image cube. While this push-broom process works well for capturing hyperspectral images where there is a built-in, one-dimensional relative movement between the camera and the object, there are many situations where band sequential imagers are more effective. This article explores the basics of acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) and polarimetric technology and discusses the advantages of using those approaches for hyperspectral imaging. By Alexandre Y. Fong and Jon Ward, Gooch & Housego

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