Newsletter | April 5, 2021

04.05.21 -- Z Tip/Tilt Stage | HD MWIR Lenses | Thermal Imaging Measuring System

Editor's Choice
MVpulse: An Eye On Safety - Laser Protection Class 2 Eye Safety And High Energy Output In One Laser

FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module combines two criteria of machine vision: bright light with output powers up to 100 mW and class 2 eye safety. High output and high contrast images allow for detailed processing. Bright light only needs to be available when the camera takes an image. The electronics match acquisition frequency and illumination pulses to each other, enabling high output powers without the use of complex protective measures.

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Laser Components USA, Inc.
Readers' Choice
High-Resolution, Low-Noise Cooled Digital VIS-SWIR InGaAs Camera: Ninox 1280

The Ninox 1280 offers visible extension from 0.4 µm to 1.7 µm to enable high sensitivity scientific imaging using a 1280 x 1024 InGaAs sensor. With cooling to -15 °C, the camera achieves typical dark current readings of <2,000e/p/s at this temperature, allowing for longer exposure times. The 10 µm x 10 µm pixel pitch enables the highest resolution imaging. The camera will offer ultra-high intra-scene dynamic range of 69 dB, enabling simultaneous capture of bright and dark portions of a scene.

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Raptor Photonics Limited
Featured Solutions
Thermal Imaging Measuring System For Electronics Testing: FLIR ETS320

The ETS320 is an affordable non-contact thermal measurement system designed to collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyze it quickly for electronics testing and scientific research. The system features high sensitivity to detect temperature shifts smaller than 0.06°C, a 320 x 240 IR sensor offering 76,800 points of non-contact temperature measurements, a 3” LCD display, FLIR Tools+ software for instant analysis, and a pole mount for fast and easy setup.

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FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science
Phantom Machine Vision Cameras Series

The power of Phantom high-speed cameras can be captured using the machine vision streaming applications in this series. Once image data has flown to a frame grabber and PC or long record DVR via CXP protocol, the data is immediately accessible and only limited by the amount of storage in the PC or DVR.

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Vision Research, Inc.
PIglide High-Precision Z Tip/Tilt Stage With Air Bearings: A-523

The A-523 by PI is an air bearing Z tip/tilt stage with direct drive. The Z tip/tilt stage is ideally suited for high-precision applications including wafer inspection, fiber positioning, optics positioning, flat screen inspection, maskless lithography, and ultra-LED manufacturing.

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PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
NightCrawlIR HD MWIR Lens Series

Gooch & Housego's NightCrawlIR series utilizes unique aperture specific foreoptics and a modular base to maximize performance, while staying budget-friendly. These lenses are purpose-built from the ground up for the demands of high-resolution applications.

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Gooch & Housego PLC
QE25SP-S-MT-D0: Pyroelectric Detector For Laser Energy Measurement

The QE25SP-S-MT-D0 is a pyroelectric detector designed for laser energy measurements up to 3.0 J with a noise level down to 2 µJ for the MB coating. The modular design concept increases the power capabilities and uses two different cooling modules.

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Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.
3D Optical Surface Profilers: Nexview NX2

Zygo Corporation introduces the next generation of optical profiling instruments designed to precisely measure surface area topography quickly and with ease for enhanced productivity and versatility. The Nexview NX2 instrument is based on innovative and versatile non-contact optical technologies. Ideal applications include research, precision engineering, quality control, and advanced manufacturing.

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Zygo Corporation
InGaAs Linear Photodiode Arrays: LE/LSE Series

The LE/LSE Series from Sensors Unlimited comprises InGaAs linear photodiode arrays and can be used in many commercial applications, as well as in industrial process control. Additional applications include inspection in agricultural sorting, biomedical analysis, thermal imaging, and NIR molecular spectroscopy.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace
High-Resolution Xenon-Topaz Lenses For 1.1” Sensors

Schneider Optics presents the new Xenon-Topaz lenses that are suitable for modern 1.1” CCD and CMOS sensors with 12 megapixels and a pixel size up to 3.0 μm. These low-weight compact lenses are fitted with a C-mount and have a 17.6-mm diameter image circle.

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Schneider Optics
Anti-Reflective (AR) Optical Coatings For Biomedical/Life Sciences Applications

Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O) offers anti-reflective (AR) optical coatings for biomedical and life sciences applications. Ideal for coating on quartz, BK-7, glass, and a variety of other optical materials, AR coatings improve performance in optical systems, increasing transmission and enhancing contrast.

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PG & O Precision Glass & Optics
High-Speed InGaAs Photodiodes: FCI-InGaAs-XXX Series

The FCI-InGaAs-XXX series from OSI Optoelectronics comprises an array of high-speed InGaAs photodiodes with active area sizes of 75 µm, 120 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, and 500 µm. They exhibit the characteristics needed for datacom and telecom applications and are suitable for use in single/multi-mode fiber optic receivers, gigabit Ethernet/fiber channels, SONET/SDH, ATM, and optical taps.

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OSI Optoelectronics
LightIR 16-180mm f/3.6 Folded-Optics Zoom Lens: 680389

The compact, yet powerful 680389 from Ophir is a Folded-Optics Zoom Lens that features a motorized, continuous zoom functionality. This product is designed for reduced SWaP MWIR 10μm pitch VGA detectors.

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Ophir Optics Group