Xenon-Sapphire 16K Line Scan Lenses

Source: Schneider Optics

	Xenon-Sapphire 16K Line Scan Lenses

Web and surface inspection applications require high resolution line scan lenses to guarantee error detection in manufacturing and in the quality insurance process. Xenon-Sapphire lenses are the first choice for FPD and PCB inspection systems for this very reason. A high resolution camera’s performance abilities can be very limited if a high quality lens isn’t used. These particular lenses were specifically designed for use in conjunction with new 16K line scan sensors. Each lens has been designed for a specific magnification range to maximize optical performance.

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Xenon-Sapphire 16K Line Scan Lenses by Schneider Optics feature excellent optical and mechanical properties and make full use of the image sensor’s 3.5 μm pixel size. Maximum light transmission is ensured in the 400 to 1000nm range through high quality lens coatings. Precision mechanics and special mounting technology minimize loss of contrast due to manufacturing tolerances. To further improve contrast, each lens is marked to show the best azimuth orientation for highest resolution.


Part Number/Description List:
Xenon-Sapphire 4.7/95mm Fixed Magnification of 0.02X 62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1071824
Xenon-Sapphire 4.5/95mm Fixed Magnification of 0.07X   62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1068013
Xenon-Sapphire 3.9/95mm Fixed Magnification of 0.23X 62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1071819
Xenon-Sapphire 3.7/96mm Fixed Magnification of 0.29X 62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1071818
Xenon-Sapphire 3.5/96mm Fixed Magnification of 0.35X 62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1068012
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/96mm Fixed Magnification of 0.5X 62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1071189
Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/97mm Fixed Magnification of 0.7X 62.5mm M52x0.75 25-1071190
MacroVaron 4.5/85 62mm M370x0.75 25-1036587

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