Xenon-Emerald High-Quality Lenses for Industrial Applications

Source: Schneider Optics

Xenon-Emerald High-Quality Lenses for Industrial Applications

These Xenon-Emerald Lenses are ideal for industrial applications like machine vision, quality control, web & surface inspection and line scanning. These compact and robust optics offer low distortion, uniform performance across the focal plane and an image circle of 43.2mm. Offered in several optimized model variants for short working distances and Infinity. These lockable optics feature a wide range coating of 400 to 1000nm for use in the visible and infrared spectrums. These lenses are available in F, M42, or Canon camera mounts.

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The new Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28 joins the existing Xenon-Emerald 2.2/50 and 2.8/100 lenses. The 28mm lens offers an aperture of 2.8. It is available in two versions, with working distances from infinity to 550mm, or from 900mm to 400mm. The aperture and focus of this compact and sturdy industry-ready lens can be securely locked.

The lens is designed for universal use with cameras using line scan or area scan sensors, with or without micro lenses. The optical design is targeted for use in the visual and near-infrared wavelengths, from 400 to 1000 nm. The optical coating of the individual lenses is optimized for the 400 to 700 nm or 700 to 1000 nm wavelengths to give the best possible transmission in these ranges. Industrial applications include machine vision, inspection, traffic and medical systems.

21-1071609 Emerald Xenon 2.8/28mm “S” lens

21-1071606 Emerald Xenon 2.8/28mm “L” lens

21-106272 Emerald Xenon 2.2/50mm lens

21-1064881 Emerald Xenon 2.8/100mm “S” lens

21-1070506 Emerald Xenon 2.8/100mm “L” lens

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