X-Ray Camera Solutions

Source: Raptor Photonics Limited

X-Ray Camera Solutions

Raptor Photonics offers a series of camera platforms with either direct or indirect detection capabilities for use in X-Ray detection applications. The platforms can incorporate a variety of different sensors to enable photon detection ranging from VUV through hard X-Ray, which addresses both imaging and spectroscopy applications.

These detection solutions utilize CCD, EMCCD, and CMOS core engines. Multiple interfaces can be manufactured into the cameras including various entrance windows or ambient light barriers, vacuum or non-vacuum mounting flanges, and fiber-optic coupled configurations for integrating to additional components with a fiber-optic output such as scintillator plates, streak tubes, or MCPs.

Contact Raptor Photonics to request custom solutions for VUV/X-Ray detecting cameras. Click here for an example of one of Raptor’s direct detection CCD cameras.