World's Smallest, Most Rugged EMCCD Camera: Hawk EM247

Source: Raptor Photonics Limited

World’s Smallest, Most Rugged EMCCD Camera: Hawk EM247

Raptor Photonics’ Hawk EM247 EMCCD camera is only 43mm x 43 mm x 57mm and weighs less than 150g. Its size and weight makes for easy integration into UAVs, handheld systems, and robotic systems, and its ultra-low power (less than 5W) makes it well suited for OEM integration into electro-optic systems.

This EMCCD camera is ideal for applications involving low light imaging, surveillance, broadcasting, 860nm and 1064nm laser line detection, biochip reading, long range target identification, hyperspectral imaging, border control, and industrial imaging. It provides 658 x 496 pixel resolution with a frame rate of 25/30 Hz, and its EMCCD technology enables high sensitivity imaging with up to 1000x on-chip gain.

For more information, download the datasheet or contact Raptor Photonics directly.