Newsletter | November 22, 2021

11.22.21 -- What's The Difference: Parallel Positioners Vs. Stacked Serial Kinematics

Industry Insights
When High-Speed Photography Meets High-Throughput Biochemistry

The biochemistry department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is using high-throughput experimentation and high-speed photography to better understand protein molecules in hopes of improving ways to enhance and engineer new proteins.

Find Your Laser Power Or Energy Detector With Gentec-EO’s Product Configurator

There are many ways to find the laser beam measurement instrument you need on Gentec-EO’s website. This how-to demonstrats how to use the product finder tool to identify the product that's right for your application and specifications. 

Optical Filter Specifications 101

This comprehensive white paper covers all the basics of a number of optical filter specifications, including angle of incidence (AOI) and polarization, cone half angle (CHA), spectral features, and more. 

Understanding Photodiode Characteristics And Applications

Silicon photodiodes operate by absorbing of photons or charged particles and generating a flow of current in an external circuit, proportional to the incident power. They are used in diverse applications including spectroscopy, beam alignment, optical communications, and medical imaging.

HD Thermal Imaging For Defense Research And Test Ranges

Infrared target signature research and target tracking place substantial technical demands on thermal imaging cameras, as well as the researchers using those cameras. FLIR develops thermal imaging systems to overcome challenges on both fronts. 

What Is The Difference between Parallel Positioners And Stacked Serial Kinematics?

When faced with a multi-axis motion application, many users stack motion stages, and in fact that is a fine approach for assemblies of just a few axes. But as applications become more complex, so do the equivalent stacks of stages, and very real and practical considerations begin to come into play.

XUV, Soft X-Ray, And Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Spectroscopy With A Cooled Direct Detection CCD Camera

McPherson Instruments designs precision analytical tools that help scientists and researchers to investigate molecular and atomic spectra from the infrared into the soft X-ray and short ultraviolet wavelength regions. 

Precision Motion And How To Achieve It

Moving from micron- to nanoscale-level research forces researchers to understand their own experiments and actions’ contributions to passive factors that undermine precision. Simple modifications can help researchers achieve their precision goals without the intervention of additional processing.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
Video: Phantom TMX Spray Analysis

The Phantom TMX camera is capable of unprecedented speed and resolution combinations. The custom, one-of-a-kind back-side illuminated CMOS sensor has 75 Gpx/sec throughput and is capable of reaching up to 1.75M fps in FAST mode.

Webinar: From Model To Measurement: Using Mx Data With Optical Design Software

This webinar by ZYGO discusses the use of Mx data with optical design software for optical modeling and measurements.

Bulletin Board
Webinar: Designing Photonic Subsystems For LIDAR And Sensing

What should you consider when specifying components for an optically based sensing subsystem? What are the challenges in designing these into a subsystem? Learn about developing subsystems and specifying components for manufacturing and assembly in this webinar hosted by G&H.

Featured Solutions
High-Power, Multijunction Pulsed Laser Diode: 905D1S3J0XX
The 905D series pulsed laser diodes are available as single elements or stacks with a peak power up to 650 W. At an efficiency of 1 W/A, the single elements achieve a peak power of 34 W, whereas the stack designs achieve an output of up to 650 W at a pulse length of 150 ns and a duty cycle of 0.1 percent.
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Laser Components USA, Inc.
Xenon-Jade Lens Series

The new Xenon-Jade series is a set of high-end lenses developed with focus on the new sensors like Sony’s Pregius S -Generation 4. The Xenon-Jade lenses are optimized for use in machine vision applications.

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Schneider Optics
DC Brushless Servo Motor: BN13

Canon's brushless servomotors are compact in size and provide high output power. Two types are offered with quick response and smooth rotation. Various custom options can be incorporated to fit your applications.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
FLIR Compact Thermal Image Streaming Camera: A50/A70

The compact thermal A50 and A70 from FLIR are image streaming cameras, ideal for users who want not only camera control capabilities but also image streaming over Ethernet. These cameras also feature the flexibility to perform analytics and collect raw data on thermal characteristics using preferred software applications.

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Teledyne FLIR
Space And Specialty Optical Filters For Earth Observation

In astronomical observations, optical filters are able to provide the wavelength selectivity needed to enable telescopes to discriminate signal from background information. These filters often require larger sizes, higher uniformity, and excellent surface quality and surface figure.

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Iridian Spectral Technologies