Case Study

Case Study: Vision Research's Phantom Cameras Take The Fight Against Malaria Directly To The Mosquito

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Vision Research's Phantom v12.1 digital high-speed camera was a crucial component in the development of technology to help fight and eradicate malaria, an epidemic that claims over 1 million people each year and has impacted the military in every conflict the U.S. has ever fought in. Intellectual Ventures, a global leader in the business of inventions, leveraged the performance of the Phantom v12.1 to analyze the extremely fast movements of a mosquito during flight. With the ability to record at almost 7,000 frames-per-second in 720p high-definition, the camera's capabilities enabled the team to capture never-before-seen visuals and data that proved invaluable in the development of the photonic fence, a solution that leverages an advanced tracking system and laser in killing mosquitoes.