Case Study

Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Enable Advanced Research In The Behavior Of Fluids At Microscale Level

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Introduced in the 1980s, microfluidics is an offshoot of the more commonly known lab-on-a-chip technology. It is applied in the fields of chemistry, physics, biotechnology, and engineering in which small volume of fluids are analyzed. Microfluidics technology exists in many everyday objects, including liquid pumps, gas values, and consumer inkjet printers. Have you ever wondered how an inkjet printer manages to accurately place millions of miniscule droplets of ink on a glossy sheet of photo paper? The printhead is finely calibrated to deliver the same tiny amount of ink in the correct place, over and over again. Microfluidics technology is also used in the development of DNA chips, micro-propulsion, and micro-thermal imaging.