Newsletter | October 18, 2021

10.18.21 -- VIS-SWIR Cameras | TIRF Microscope | LAAPD

Featured Solutions
Fused Fiber Optic Components: Polarization-Maintaining Couplers
Polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber provides additional functionality in fiber optic systems, where the birefringence feature of the fiber allows propagation of two polarization states. Utilization of this is applied across diverse fields including sensing, telecommunications, fiber laser system, interferometry, medical diagnostics, and industrial machining.
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Thermal Power/Energy Laser Measurement Sensor: F80(120)A-CM-17

The F80(120)A-CM-17 is a thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor with a high damage threshold for high repetition rate pulsed lasers. 

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Ophir Photonics
Advanced Photonix Deep UV Large-Area Avalanche Photodiode (LAAPD)
Advanced Photonix, a division of OSI Optoelectronics, introduces a compact and rugged large-area avalanche photodiode (LAAPD). APDs are robust, compact, and lightweight compared to PMTs and require little or no cooling, making them ideal for applications requiring durability, portability, small space envelopes, or operation in harsh environments.
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OSI Optoelectronics
Non-Contact Displacement Sensor: PD-704

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. launched a measurement device for making high-precision measurements of products on manufacturing lines—the PD-704 contactless measuring device.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
ULTRA Series Optical Filters And Coatings

The ULTRA Series optical filters and coatings are specifically designed to be integrated into the most sophisticated instruments used in biotechnology, remote sensing, telecommunications, chemical engineering, robotics, and a variety of other fields.

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Alluxa, Inc.
Thermal Imaging Camera With SLS Detector: FLIR A6750 LWIR

FLIR offers the A6750 LWIR thermal imaging camera with a cooled SLS detector designed for high-speed image acquisition up to 4.1 kHz with windowing. It captures all pixels simultaneously in under 190 μs for room temperature scenes, which is particularly important when monitoring fast moving objects where an uncooled thermal imaging camera would suffer from image blur.

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Teledyne FLIR
PRO-NG 120 HIE Non-Glare Aluminosilicate
Abrisa Technologies’ PRO-NG™ 120, High-Ion Exchange (HIE™) non-glare aluminosilicate provides 120 gloss-level glare reduction in an extra-thin, lightweight format with up to six times the strength of standard soda lime float.
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Abrisa Technologies
Differential Pyroelectric Detectors

Laser Components offers the LD21xx series of differential pyroelectric detectors with crystal generating positive and negative charge carriers amplified separately on opposing sides. Due to the separate amplification, the signals add up linearly. The noise components only add up statistically, therefore creating a net gain in the signal-to-noise ratio.

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Laser Components USA, Inc.
High-Resolution, Low-Noise Lineup Of VIS-SWIR Cameras: Owl 640 Series

The Owl 640 Series from Raptor Photonics comprises a number of VIS-SWIR cameras with high resolutions and low noise readouts. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including surveillance, astronomy, beam profiling, hyperspectral imaging, solar cell inspection, and other scientific applications.

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Raptor Photonics Limited
IR Long-Range Zoom Lenses

Ophir Optics Group's array of IR long-range zoom lenses offer outstanding detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges ideal for commercial, surveillance, and homeland security applications. They are available for use in various FPA formats, including high-definition XGA and SXGA formats, with crisp clean images over full zoom and MTF close to the diffraction limit.

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Ophir Optics Group
RM21 MicroMirror TIRF Microscope
The MicroMirror TIRF microscope is a unique single-molecule microscope. Spatial separation of the excitation and emission beams and the use of broadband micromirrors leads to superior signal-to-noise ratios for multi-wavelength TIRF microscopy. The open access to the excitation and emission optical pathways makes this the ideal platform to implement a range of biophysical techniques simultaneously.
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Mad City Labs, Inc.