Newsletter | November 9, 2020

11.09.20 -- UVC LED Disinfection | Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging

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UVC LED Disinfection: How UVC Radiation Makes The Coronavirus Harmless

UVC is high-energy, short-wave radiation with a wavelength range between 100 and 300 nm. It is absorbed by RNA strands of the corona pathogen SARS-Cov-2 and causes their nucleotide sequences to clump together, preventing the cells from reproducing or killing them.

Industry Insights
“Fingerprint” Vs. Handheld Raman Applications And The Different Optical Filters That Enable Them

When combined with microscopy, Raman spectroscopy can be used as a noninvasive, noncontact solution for exploring specific cellular structures and functions. It is no wonder that Raman has established a presence as an invaluable analytical technique both in labs and in the field.

Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging: OCI Hyperspectral Imagers

BaySpec’s OCI-UAV hyperspectral imagers are designed for use on small UAVs to monitor the details of spatial, temporal, and spectral representation of ground objects. This app note discusses benefits these imagers offer and delivers example images for multiple topography analysis.

Meet Demands For High-Speed Image Capture In Microscopy Applications

Canon CMOS sensors deliver the performance capabilities needed for the unique challenges of microscopy.

Laser Interferometry — An Enabling Technology For Optimized Automated Manufacturing

Precision Beryllium mirror manufacturer, Cambridge Technology, explains how the use of best-in-class interferometry hardware and software solutions has streamlined its manufacturing processes and added efficiencies as well as time- and cost-savings across the company.

6 Expert Tips On How To Measure Laser Power

This article offers six expert tips on how to measure laser power properly for a wide range of applications.

Finding Resolution In A Distant Image

IR cameras on the military test range often need to focus on far-away objects. Despite common misperceptions, zoom lenses work in IR cameras, but understanding spatial resolution is key. 

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Featured Solutions
Aspherical Lenses

HOYA’s aspherical lenses mold better, have a higher reflective index, and have a lower dispersion than most competitive offerings. These advantages span both their precision molds and preform lenses. 

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HOYA Corporation USA Optics Division
Motorized Continuous Zoom Lens: SupIR 26-105 mm f/1.6

The SupIR 26-105 mm f/1.6 is a continuous zoom lens providing greater than 6 km detection range for a variety of applications such as homeland security, border control, maritime, and security and surveillance. It offers maximum performance at a minimal price, rivaling similar products on the market.

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Ophir Optics Group
Specialty And Technical Glass

Abrisa Technologies’ knowledge of glass substrates and expertise in glass properties qualifies the company to provide glass for optimum performance. These specialty and technical glass solutions are made to be the best matches for each application, production volume, and budget needs.

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Abrisa Technologies