Newsletter | May 20, 2020

05.20.20 -- UVC Disinfection Explained | UAV SWaP Challenges

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UVC Disinfection And How It Works: Questions And Answers By The Bolb Inc. Experts

To help fight against COVID-19 and its impact worldwide, LASER COMPNENTS has taken time to speak with UVC disinfection experts on the front lines about how this technology works.

Industry Insights
Using Next-Generation Thin-Film Optical Filters For Fluorescence Imaging And Detection Systems

Within any fluorescence application, there are three basic filters that are needed for operation—the excitation filter, the emission filter, and the beamsplitter. This white paper further discusses the use of Alluxa’s thin-film optical filters in fluorescence imaging and detection systems.

Antmicro's Open Jetson Nano Baseboard With NVIDIA's Latest Production SoMs And ALVIUM Cameras

One of the motivations behind open hardware designs at Antmicro is to showcase the newest processing technologies and provide a starting point for discussion about customized products—with different form factors, interfaces, and additional software.

Glass Strengthening Methods
Strengthening glass can be done via three primary processes: tempering, thermal strengthening, and chemical strengthening in order to increase the heat resistance and overall strength of the glass. This article provides an overview of all three processes.
Selecting A Hyperspectral Imager To Bring Critical Data Into View

The hyperspectral imager comes with challenges, not the least of which is choosing the right one to use for any given application. That decision depends in part on the user’s requirements, the wavelength range in which the imager will be used, and the intended application.

Improving Additive Manufacturing With The Help Of Infrared

Additive manufacturing technologies create components directly from a computer model, adding material only where needed. This app note discusses how infrared cameras can help manufacturers find systematic problems and determine the changes needed to maintain product quality.

Advanced IR Optical Assemblies For UAVs And Drones Meeting SWaP Constraints

This application note discusses how advanced IR optical assemblies can be used for UAVs and drones that must meet SWaP constraints.

Optical Thin Film Coatings Provide Safer Flight Conditions

Specialized thin film optical coatings are currently being designed into customized displays that serve to modify the viewing angle and eliminate unwanted stray light that would otherwise distract the pilot(s) and crew in commercial and military aircraft cockpits. 

Recent News
Featured Solutions
HermeS Hermetic Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafer For MEMS Devices

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging offers the HermeS glass substrate wafer with hermetically sealed solid “Through Glass Vias” (TGV) designed to enable fully gastight and long-term robust enclosures for MEMS devices such as industrial hermetic MEMS sensors, medical MEMS, and RF MEMS. It features fine-pitched vias that allow for reliable conduction of electrical signals and power into and out of MEMS devices.

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SCHOTT North America Inc.
High-Performance SWIR Optimized Lens Option: SOLO 50

Sensors Unlimited offers the SOLO 50 as a high-performance focal length lens option for imaging applications in the 0.7 µm to 1.7 µm wavelength range. The lens features a rugged, environmentally sealed design with a manual locking focus able to maintain steady performance when needed.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace
Guardian Industrial Enclosure

ZYGO’s Guardian Industrial Enclosure is designed to isolate the metrology core from the surrounding environment, even under the more challenging environmental conditions.

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Zygo Corporation