Newsletter | June 18, 2020

06.18.20 -- Using Light-Based Technology For Medical Treatment And Diagnostics

Fiber Optics Can Do That?

When you think of optical fibers, their ability to carry data across long distances may immediately come to mind. Although this is an immensely important application, did you know that optical fibers can also transfer images? Rigid and flexible fiber optic image guides offer a powerful way to manipulate image planes and achieve remote viewing.

Helping Light-Based Medical Diagnostic Technologies Shine During A Pandemic

From the endoscopes used to view the airway to instruments that run diagnostic tests on patients, many of these critical devices depend on light. As hospitals in various parts of the world began filling with COVID-19 patients, there came a need to quickly ramp up production of these critical medical devices.

A New Lighting Era For Single-Use Endoscopes
Pioneering new technology is helping advance disposable endoscopes by making it possible, for the first time, to integrate high-quality fiber optic illumination into instruments as a plug-and-play component.
Laser Diffuser Technology Propels Light-Based Therapies Forward

Advanced diffusers can meet the needs of light-based therapies by combining extremely homogenous light output at high powers with the ability to transmit visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths with high efficiency. 

How A Tiny Fiber Can Prevent A Large Explosion

For flame and spark detection, fiber optics offer an electric-free, safe, flexible, customizable, and efficient way to transfer light from any position to a sensor kept away from hazardous environments.