Newsletter | June 3, 2021

06.03.21 -- Understanding LEDs, Photodiodes, And IR Detectors



Practical Considerations For Near-IR LEDs

This article provides practical considerations for current-driven LED devices, including information on supplying power to the LED and the attributes of IR LEDs over temperature, peak wavelengths, forward voltage levels, and power outputs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Infrared Detectors
Infrared detectors are ideal for many applications, including gas analysis, emissions monitoring, spectroscopy, process control, and flame and fire monitoring. This article covers the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of infrared detectors.
Understanding Detectors With Thermoelectric Coolers
In order to optimize a detector for enhanced performance levels within their designated applications, it is important to understand the heatsinking of the package. A detector’s thermal resistance is minimized by the proper heat sink selection and mounting by using a thermal interface material.
Glossary Of Terms For LEDs And Photodiodes

LEDs and photodiodes are available from Opto Diode in the extreme UV to the mid-infrared (mid-IR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. This article includes a list of common terms and definitions related to LEDs and photodiodes.