Ultra Compact SMD Photodiode Package: AD230-8 SMD

Source: First Sensor AG

Ultra Compact SMD Photodiode Package: AD230-8 SMD

First Sensor presents a new ultra compact flat no-leads package (QFN, ODFN) for its APDs and PIN photodiodes. The plastic encapsulated reflow solderable SMD package features a footprint of only 4 mm² and very good resistance to moisture (MSL3). Applications include laser distance meters, rangefinders, LIDAR, high speed photometry, optical fiber communication, and more.

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Important features of the new ultra compact SMD package:

  • Plastic encapsulated flat no-leads package (QFN, ODFN)
  • Very small housing with a footprint of only 4 mm²
  • Very good resistance to moisture (MSL3)
  • Available on tape and reel for high volume applications

For more information on the AD230-8 SMD photodiode package, contact First Sensor.

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