Article | April 2, 2013

Tutorial: The Difficulties Of Beam Profiling 193nm DUV

Source: Ophir Photonics
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By Dick Rieley, Mid-Altantic Regional Sales Manager, Ophir Photonics Group

A research organization was developing a critical procedure that required a pulsed DUV laser beam at 193nm. The current equipment only produced a gray-scale image that told little about the distribution of the energy intensity
across the beam profile. The solution was a CCD camera-based profiler.

The organization was developing a new procedure that required the use of a pulsed DUV laser beam, specifically 193nm, produced by a Lambda Physik laser. Even after incorporating specialized DUV cameras, the current
equipment was limited to producing gray scale images of the laser beam. The image was low on information related to the distribution of energy intensity across the beam profile.