News | July 8, 2014

Torquay's Gooch & Housego Scoop Innovation Award

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

With laser beams integral to the manufacturing of consumer items like smart phones, Torquay’s Gooch & Housego has received an Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics (IOP) for their development of the Fiber-Q product line which allows their clients greater versatility in the uses they put lasers to.

Although fiber lasers have been rapidly adopted in manufacturing processes, the lasers’ tiny diameter has made modification for improvements in production processes problematic.

Gooch & Housego’s acousto-optical solution means a beam of laser light can be deflected, amplitude modulated, frequency shifted or wavelength filtered with precise electronic control.

The innovation has already generated significant revenue and created 23 jobs since the product was introduced 5 years ago.

Dr Frances Saunders, President of IOP, said, “Despite being thought useless when discovered more than 50 years ago, businesses are still finding uses for lasers in the widest range of industries. Gooch & Housego are a wonderful example of a company that is driving technology forward to help other companies exploit a founding innovation, while creating jobs and making a very healthy return for themselves.”

Dr Andrew Robertson, Gooch & Housego’s Senior Vice President – Systems Technology Group, said: “For Gooch & Housego, winning this award provides recognition that by using our expertise in the field of photonics and detailed understanding of optical material characteristics, we can develop an innovative product with a great technical competitive advantage that precisely serves the needs of our customers in a wide variety of applications.

“The success of this product has been a team effort on many levels, between different G&H sites as well as between our sales, engineering and production staff.”

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The IOP Innovation Awards are a unique celebration of commercial success built on physics.

All the winners of this year’s Innovation Awards will be showcasing their achievements at an awards ceremony later this year.

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SOURCE: Gooch & Housego PLC