Newsletter | May 13, 2020

05.13.20 -- Thin-Film Interference Filters For LIDAR | High-Speed Imaging For Military Applications

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Thin-Film Interference Filters For LIDAR

LIDAR is used for obstacle avoidance in autonomous vehicles, urban planning, security, infrastructure development, and other applications. This app note details how high-performance, ultra-narrowband interference filters improve LIDAR signal-to-noise ratios in specific applications.

Industry Insights
12 Considerations For Thermal Infrared Camera Lens Selection

Many factors must be considered when developing a solution that requires a thermal imager or infrared (IR) camera, such as the application, waveband requirement, minimum resolution, pixel size, and the ability to scale production. 

Glass-Sealed Connectors Help Increase The Longevity And Reliability Of Medical Devices

Glass-to-metal sealing technology, already used in other harsh-environment applications, such as aviation, aerospace, and automotive safety, has emerged as an ideal solution in the development and manufacture of medical connectors.

High-Speed Imaging For Military Applications

Studies involving ballistics, survivability, weapon launches, and small- and large-caliber arms have unique imaging requirements. Download the article to understand what those requirements are and the high-imaging solutions that Photron has developed to meet them.

Custom And OEM Solutions

In addition to an extensive assortment of standard products, OSI Optoelectronics has been developing and manufacturing OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries for a wide variety of demanding applications for over 40 years. 

Glossary Of Terms For Detectors

This white paper comprises a list of terms and definitions related to detectors.

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IR Long Range Zoom Lenses

Ophir Optics Group's array of IR long-range zoom lenses offers outstanding detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges ideal for commercial, surveillance, and homeland security applications. They are available for use in various FPA formats, including high-definition XGA and SXGA formats, with crisp, clean images over full zoom and MTF close to the diffraction limit.

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19 μm FHD CMOS Sensor: 35MMFHDXSCA

The 35MMFHDXSCA 19 μm FHD CMOS sensor features high-sensitivity and low-noise imaging performance for the capture of full HD video in exceptionally low light environments. The larger pixel size of 19 μm x 19 μm alongside proprietary device design technologies helps to achieve higher sensitivity and an increased well depth. This 35 mm CMOS sensor provides the largest 16:9 imaging area possible when used with Canon EF lenses.

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Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group
Ultra Miniature Optical Encoder: SR Series

This is a highly miniaturized and high-resolution optical encoder ideal for applications involving linear/rotary motion and speed control. It uses an XY-Stage and turntable equipment to provide velocity and positioning information.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
Fiber-Coupled Wideband Light Sources

BaySpec offers fiber-coupled wideband light sources designed to operate in the 650 to 1690 nm wavelength range. These light sources are intended to enhance Spectral Domain OCT, medical imaging, fiber optic sensing, analytical spectroscopy, and test and measurement capabilities.

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BaySpec Inc.