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11.13.23 -- The Fiber Connection (Or What Happens When You Ask AI For Story Ideas)


The Fiber Connection (Or What Happens When You Ask AI For Story Ideas)

A clash between tradition and progress. The potential for technology to bridge gaps and create opportunities in unexpected places. All this and more in this tale of ambition, community, and the transformative power of fiber optics.


Fast Steering Mirrors For Deep Space And Free Space Optical Comms

Since the 1990s, fast steering mirror technology has been utilized in both terrestrial and space-based testing and implementation. Offering efficient and fast designs based on piezoelectric or electromagnetic actuation, these solutions include a variety of off-the-shelf and custom laser beam stabilization products. 

Advantages Of Multiple Band Pass Filters In Telecom Applications

Multi band filters help optimize price-performance balance while also conserving space, simplifying design, and improving (or offering equivalent) performance versus single band filters.

Component And Camera Applications In The Telecommunications Industry

SWIR technology has emerged as a game-changer in the telecommunications industry, offering innovative solutions to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and quality of communication networks.


Why Flexibility Is Important In Optics Material Selection

Dan Bukaty Jr., president of Precision Glass & Optics, discusses why a flexible approach to material selection in the manufacturing process is important to help protect optics manufacturing lead times against material shortages.

How Non-Contact Measurement Supports Growth In Consumer Electronics

Non-contact metrology can help overcome the quality assurance challenges that come with producing consumer electronics devices featuring a wide variety of materials and design complexity.

How Can I Measure The Power Of A Pulsed Laser With A Low Repetition Rate?

Pulsed laser power measurement depends on repetition rate, pulse duration, and power meter technology, which vary depending on power range and application.


Laser Photonics Corporation Announces Maritime Laser Cleaning Commercial

Harmful Gases Could Be Detected With A New Way To Generate Powerful Lasers

Ascent Solar Develops A Solar Module Optimized For Space

New Twist On Optical Tweezers

Lumentum To Acquire Cloud Light To Accelerate Data Center Speed And Scalability

nLIGHT Announces Expansion Of HELSI Contract Award To $171M

Aeluma Awarded Navy Funding To Develop Photonics Reliability Methodologies

Perovskite Film Homogenizing Strategy To Increase Conversion Efficiency

Quantum Computing For Germany: planqc Subcontracts Menlo Systems

IPG Photonics, Miller Electric Mfg. LLC Announce Strategic Technology Collaboration


Quad Electron Detector 146 mm2: AXUVPS7

The AXUVPS7 is a high-performance quad electron detector with a total circular active area of 146 mm² (active area per element is 36.5 mm²). 

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